Big fat lies

So last week some fat piece of shit decided to post some pro-fat nonsense in the comment section. After reading it, I copy pasted the bullshit into google and found that it was all plaigarized from this site, so I deleted it. Upon glancing at the pro-fat nonsense in the intro I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh. See, at the time, I was eating my 2nd lunch, and this retard website made me laugh so hard I spit half-chewed buttery-steak onto my monitor. Fucking fatasses, probably used some magnetic force shit to pull the food out of my mouth and try to absorb it through my monitor. Whatever, I feel like exposing this shit for the nonsense that it is.

The first load of bullshit that they spewed was claiming that terrorism is more of a threat than obesity, and then proving themselves wrong a few lines later. First off, they claim that only 25,000 people a year die of obesity, and I will explain why this is a gross understatement in a bit, but that’s a lot less than anyone even injured in a terrorist attack. 9/11 was the biggest attack we had in a long time, and not even 3,000 people died that day. And heart disease, which is caused by shitty diets, is the biggest killer in the United States. So obese people may not die specifically because of obesity, but they die because of the moronic choices they made to become obese, the self-degenerating crap they put in their body. We’re not saying you only get these diseases specifically because you’re disgusting fatasses, although it’s part of it, you’re getting heart disease and diabetes and all of that shit for the exact same reason that you’re obese.

Your next statement that fat itself doesn’t cause any of these problems is somewhat true, but just somewhat. You see, fat itself isn’t going to fuck you up, it doesn’t work like that. Although it makes you look disgusting and useless, ask any doctor and he’ll tell you that you’re getting all of this disease and shit from eating crappy food and not moving. This is the exact same reason why you’re fat.
And you also mentioned an oxymoron – fat, active people. If you’re fat it’s because you’re not active enough. You can be thin easily and still not be healthy, just drink a lot, take drugs, get AIDS, whatever. Compare a group of people who exercise and eat well to another one that eats shit and doesn’t move, with all else identical, and you’ll see how destructive your habits are. Correlations only go so far, if you weren’t such morons you’d understand that.
Your shit about cancer rates decreasing is irrelevant. Other things such as smoking rates decreased since 1992, and technology has increased rapidly. We can now treat cancer better. We understand it better. We understand that it’s often partially caused by a shitty diet and your retarded fat-people habits. Fuck off and die of cancer, fatties.

Also your nonsense about BMI just shows how little you understand the measure. It’s meant to measure large groups of people because that’s where it’s accurate. Not a small subset of extremely fit people or one single person since the amount of muscle can vary too greatly. You don’t need a formula to see that people are fat. I can never get shirts that fit my beautiful, masculine frame at regular stores because my gut isn’t larger than my chest. Everything at restaurants is “Low fat” because the fatties demand that shit. I want to eat fatty foods, fuck off.

I’ll talk about the rest later, I’m too pissed off by this shit.

  1. Anonymous
    23 June 2011 at 4:21 am

    “that terrorism is more of a threat than obesity”

    I think you got that wrong.

    Also, I suspect that this blog is only read by you and your friends. If you want to start a movement, then you need credibility. Rants that consist of 50% reference-lacking proof and 50% emotional rage is not contributing to the cause; rather, by comparing this post to the website you linked, you’re making the anti-fat-acceptance-crowd look like “know-it-all” teenagers.

    The fact that you use the tag “idiots” says something about how your personal biased views are influencing your writing. Fat acceptance is based on the premise that “obesity is bad” is an opinion, and not an empirically verified theory of health. The only way you can convince them otherwise is by referring to credible medical reports. Otherwise, no one will take your blog seriously.

    • 23 June 2011 at 12:15 pm

      Wow anon, where’d you get that 3rd grade reading comprehension level from? Your little brother? Give it back, we require a 6th grade reading level to read our posts to avoid excessive misinterpretation. But I guess that you deserve a reply, I have time to kill,
      Is that the best reply you have anon? You THINK I got it wrong? I hope you realize that it’s YOU that nobody is going to take seriously. Poor nutrition causes numerous health problems, including nutrition, and this is such a widely proven fact I’d be surprised if you could find one person that would argue otherwise. The website sure as hell doesn’t, but they slither their way out by claiming obesity itself doesn’t cause anything. And having a lot of extra fat itself doesn’t do too much to you, but the fact is that people don’t inject lard into their skin, they eat shit to get fat. So although obesity correlates with disease (When you remove thin people that do drugs, smoke, etc) it’s a confounding variable. Eating shitty food causes you to get fat, and it also causes you to get health problems. Being a fatty just shows the world that you suck and have no self restraint, and it indicates that you have health problems because you’re fat for the very same reason that you’d have them. And more people die from eating disorders because they’re unhappy with themselves than people commit suicide for fear of terrorism. I said this in my post, I don’t need to repeat myself for you.

      What did I not reference that was necessary to reference? Please, tell me, don’t be so vague. If a fact is so obvious or so easily verifiable, I don’t cite it, that’s excessive. I didn’t make any outrageous claims.

      The idiots tag is to make sure people know when we’re talking about idiots. Idiots range from the fattest fatty ever to the thinnest rail of a man. It also includes fit people that are fat-apologists. It does not show any bias, and your arguments do not follow anything you said. If I could tag your post I’d tag it as idiotic.

      Obesity is bad is an opinion, sure, so is the opinion that bathing in a pit of lava is a bad idea, or that chugging a container of bleach is a bad idea. It’s supported by fact after fact. It’s ugly and destructive. There is no justification.

      I have a feeling that you and your fatty friends are the ones not taking it seriously. The reason being a theory, it’s the first thing they teach you on day 1 of intro to psychology, It’s called the cognitive dissonance theory. Just assure yourself that everything I say is a lie, make your fat, disgusting rolls vibrate in happiness and warmth.

      You disgust me.

      Oh, and by the way, we get plenty of hits, not just friends. The site is not very popular at the moment and we don’t want it very popular until we get more content. We have no dietary advice yet, the site is not complete. Shut your fat face up.

  2. Anonymous
    3 December 2011 at 11:43 pm

    I kind of appreciate this.

  1. 8 June 2011 at 10:34 pm

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