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Big fat lies part 2

If you haven’t read the first part, click here.

Now, back to where I was: scroll down to where they claim 3/4 of Americans view obesity as a serious public health problem. Their highlight of the claim that 95% of people put back on their weight after a few years just shows how shitty people are at making diets. And on the doubt whether or not people who diet improve their health depends on how shitty their diet was. If you’re fat, you’re not experience the maximum health and physical potential your body has to offer. If you stop eating a bunch of french fries every day and instead smoke a pack of cigarettes, your health isn’t going to improve although you might lose weight. A healthy, nutrient-rich diet will keep you at a low level of body fat and a moderate level of muscle mass (depending on the exercise you do). If you’re fat, your diet sucks, it’s that simple.

And blah blah blah, some diet pill (only weak-willed retards need them) caused heart problems. It should have caused immediate death, only pussies need to cheat like that. This site just gets shittier and shittier. They talk about how some shitty diet pills are shit, nothing special, just irrelevant nonsense.

I don’t even feel the need to address this long-term diet success shit. If your diet sucks and you go back to eating your shitty ways, of course it won’t work. This website isn’t saying that being fat is better than being athletically thin, it’s saying being fat is not necessarily more malicious to your health than if your diet and lifestyle sucks, yet you’re still thin. I wouldn’t deny that, but that doesn’t change the fact that excess fat has no pros and has multiple cons.

The only use that site has is to trick nutrient-derived, brain-dead fatties into accepting their ugly habits and making the fatass author feel better about himself.

And blah blah blah, we wouldn’t make more art or books if there was no obese or overweight, we’d probably just eat 24/7 and not give a fuck, that’s what the fatties who don’t care do anyway.

To dance naked in the sunlight, pleasuring in bodies big enough to contain all our possibilities?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

To summarize everything, the site does not point out one benefit excess fat has. Not one. Because their aren’t any. The site is just a bunch of fat apologists that are too lazy to do anything about their ugliness.

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