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Say good night – fat failures rolling on the ground caressing each other’s wet bodies

One word: Pathetic. I just need one word to summarize this video. I opened this video thinking I’d see a good fight, put that bitch in 720p HD quality, went and got a snack while it loaded. When I came back withing 10 seconds I laughed my ass off and spit my steak on the floor.
You’d think with all of that extra weight they would have some sort of advantage with fighting, since in wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, all that stuff, they go by weight class. It’s very important that you get as heavy as you can but still stay in one weight class.
But this was terrible. After less than a minute the fat-tards were too tired to continue. Watch it, you’ll see some kid simply tapping the other on the head with his fist. He doesn’t even have the strength to lift his arm all of the way up. I’m sure he carb loaded for weeks before this fight, fucking pig.
I would have shown them both, within thirty seconds, if they were jacked up on adrenaline and both had baseball bats. I would have taken them both, and probably killed them. Hell, back in high school when I was a short, skinny cross country runner I could have taken these fatasses on because I had the endurance to last more than five seconds in a fight.

Simply pathetic.

The fight was about some guy stealing a “Ball” if I heard correctly. That’s right, they were at a spaghetti dinner and the dark haired fatty took his meatball straight from his plate. And because of this, the was an attempted fight to the death. “Say good night” meatball thief!

And hahaha, the dark haired fatty had to stop the lovefest full of caressing and exchanging of bodily fluids. I’m sure he went back to go eat 10 boxes of frozen pizza or some shit.

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