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How to not eat like a retard II

To continue on with my last post, I will explain just meat.

4. Meat
Meat is great. Meat is the greatest. If you don’t like meat, fuck you.
Meat gets a lot of shit, pretty much everything has said to make meat bad. It supposedly causes a shit load of health problems and limit it or eat very little and you’ll be healthier. BULLSHIT. There is nothing wrong with meat. Take this shit for example. It says meat just sits and rots in your stomach (LOL) and we’re actually herbivores, or close to it. This is retarded, and anyone with knowledge on human history or morphology knows better. Humans have incisors on both jaws, herbivores have it on the lower. Humans have ridged molars, herbivores have flat molars. Humans have canines, herbivores don’t. Our jaw movement is vertical and it tears and crushes while herbivores have rotary movements and grinding functions. Mastication is not important and we don’t ruminate. We have a small stomach capacity and it empties in 3 hours, while herbivores stomachs never empty. He have interdigestive rest, herbivores do not. Our stomach doesn’t have significant bacteria or protozoa while it is vital for herbivores. We have strong gastric acidity as opposed to the weak acidity for herbivores, and we CANNOT DIGEST CELLULOSE. Our stomach barely digests anything and we don’t absorb anything from it; you can probably live fine without a stomach really. A herbivore cannot. Herbivores often don’t have gall bladders, and our digestive efficiency is over 2x as much. The only thing we mainly differ from carnivores in is that we have an appendix. But does it do anything, really? It seems like a remnant.
As for the rotting, that’s false too. Meat doesn’t rot in our stomachs, that’s retarded, plants do.

Other lol shit is when retards say red meat causes cancer. They often cite the debunked China study. That shit has been proven wrong multiple times, idiots. Also they claim it causes cardiovascular disease. Nope.

Also, meat is the only food type you can survive on solely. You can’t just eat vegetables, just grains, just fruit, or any of that. But you can eat just meat. And it’s a good thing we can eat meat and digest it so well, because our species would be even more retarded if we couldn’t. Meat is why we’re smart.

Meat is rich in nutrients. You have to shut the fuck up and eat the fat though. It has complete protein, including sulphur-containing proteins like cysteine. There is taurine and carnitine for healthy eyes and heart, and coenzyme Q10. Meat is a good source for magnesium and zinc, which many Americans are deficient in. B6 is in meat, B12 is only found in meat, calcium is in meat, all the fat soluble-vitamins like A and D. You can survive just on meat, and you don’t feel like shit 24/7.

Stop being a little bitch and eat meat. And don’t just eat lean meat.

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  1. 1 July 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Well said, Fat Slayer. I think you need to make more posts fixing the false vegan notion that it’s meat which causes obesity, where it’s really excessive carbohydrates. If you don’t eat meat, you will be weak and you are sickly pathetic scum, and probably fat. I have yet to meet a single exception to that rule.

  2. Bernard
    1 July 2011 at 7:02 pm

    What a well-written and insightful post, Fat Slayer. Once again, thank you for all the good you’re doing for the world. You’re an inspiration to us all.

    I was wondering if you and BitterHappiness would consider allowing me to make a guest post here. Obviously, there’s no way for either of you to tell that I’m not some fat worthless troll at this point. I’m not asking for access to your blog. I’d email you the post and if you like it, you could post it for me.

    The post would be titled “How Fat Hatred Can Help Stop Rape.” I think I can make a pretty compelling argument that fat hatred should be an integral part of the effort to reduce sexual assault.

    It is possible that I’m acting like a fat retard, but I don’t see a way to contact you here via email. If you’d be willing to consider my post, please email me at {removed}. John Daly is not my real name. It’s an account that I use for trolling fat apologist blogs.

  1. 22 July 2011 at 7:59 pm

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