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Having Sex is a Measure of How Fit You Are

Hercules: The Epitome of Manliness

People often ask me “BitterHappiness, who is it that you admire most?”  Before, I would have probably just said myself, because honestly other than Fat Slayer and a select few others, everybody else sucks in some manner.  But after Aristodemus taught me about Greek mythology, I now have a new answer: Hercules.  He is my fucking god, and I don’t mean that Disney shit.

I’m referring to one of the stories of Hercules where he impregnated 16 women in one night.  A single night.  All hot women with good upbringing of course, the only kind of woman worthy of the presence of Hercules.  And not only that, but every woman the stud banged had multiple orgasms.  I’d like to see (or rather, hear, as seeing would be a nauseating sight) some fat fuck try to just have sex with two girls in a single night, let alone 16 and being able to give them multiple orgasms.  Most fatties I’ve seen would cum prematurely because they lack self-control and are rightfully sex-deprived, not to mention lack the endurance to keep it up for longer than two minutes.  Fucking pathetic.

Hercules was obviously fit.  Just look at that picture on the top right.  He was fucking ripped.  Look at the abs of Hercules, a majestic 6-pac that would make women orgasm on sight.  Hercules is the epitome of fitness and manly strength, something every man in the world should strive to emulate.

Fatties are the antithesis of Hercules.  They lack his stamina, they lack his self-confidence, they lack his sexual experience,  they lack his sexy and strong body, and worst of all they lack any ambition to improve themselves and become more like Hercules.  It’s pathetic and decadent.  What would a fatty do during sex with a woman?  Because of their inexperience and self-confidence, they’d ask her how she wants it.  Because of their lack of stamina and strength, they’d tire quickly and require her to take control.  WTF is this shit?  Nothing Hercules would do.  Think about it.  Did Hercules ask the women he fucked if she’d like it in a certain way?  No.  Hercules just fucked her in his usual style because he knew what he was doing.  Did Hercules even ask these women if they wanted to be fucked?  No, he didn’t need to because Hercules knew that it was a privilege to be fucked by him.   Hercules took control, he was the man, and there is no question about it.  Hercules dominated sex each time because he knew that every woman he fucked would be too worn out from all the orgasms he’d be giving her to be able to do much else.

If you do not strive to be like Hercules, you will become decadent and fat.  If you let a woman take control during sex, you are a fatty because how on earth could you have real sex, the kind Hercules gives, if she isn’t being too worn out from all the orgasms you’re giving her?  How are you utilizing your strength if you sit on your ass like a fatty and have her do all the work?

This is why sex is a measure of strength and fitness, and why Hercules is the epitome of what all men should strive to be.  How well you perform and how much you get is all an indicator of how fit, and thus how sexy and pleasing to women, you are.  You should always ask what would Hercules do.  If you masturbate more often than you have sex, you are fat and pathetic.  Seriously, did Hercules masturbate?  No, he always had a woman on her knees for him and would probably laugh at how pathetic the idea is.  If you aren’t having sex at least three, preferably four or more, times a week, you are fat and pathetic.  If you don’t take control during sex and if you ever ask the woman you are having sex with what she wants or how she wants it, you are fat and pathetic.  Unfortunately because we have so many fatties in society, we have so many women who are not pleased and are sex-starved, hence their lowering their expectations and requirements to have sex and this leads to the proliferation of various sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.  This is great for people like Fat Slayer and I, who are able to get clean and beautiful women in bed with us by the snap of our fingers like The Fonz, but is a sad indicator of the decadence of society and yet another illustration of how fatties hurt us all.

This is a Man Who Is Inspired to Have a Body Like Hercules'

  1. Anonymous
    3 July 2011 at 2:40 pm

    1: Just because you don’t have sex with 16 women in one night, doesn’t mean that you can’t give a woman multiple orgasms. Some skilled men prefer monogamy.
    2: Just because you don’t have sex every second day, doesn’t mean that you are fat and unattractive. Some people just have low sex drive. Others merely have other priorities than approaching 10+ people a day for the sole purpose of finding someone to fuck.
    3: This post contradicts what FatSlayer says, that “one can eat healthy, not exercise and still refrain from getting fat.” Instead, you advocate the false dichotomy that there are only two sorts of people: Fat, unhealthy people who don’t have sex, and bodybuilders.
    4: Hercules didn’t exist. Your arguments are based on a fairy tale.
    5: Unless you are taking steroids or other serious supplements, you are a hypocrite.
    6: We can – arguably – measure one’s fitness by seeing how many orgasms he can give during the timespan of a week, if one was to do a “test week” for the purpose. However, normal people don’t relate sex to fitness. Normal people have sex because of intimacy, pleasure and emotional bonding. This is why it’s perfectly acceptable – expected, actually – that sex requires twofold effort.
    7: In the same line, do you even know how the female orgasm works? It depends equally much on the woman’s skill as the man’s. A fit man wildly pumping against a woman won’t necessarily give her multiple orgasms. Try speaking to a few women about orgasms instead of believing in mythological beings of supernatural virility.
    8: Advocating that college students should dedicate their time to partying, having sex and lifting weights instead of studying (one has to prioritize), indicates a horribly ignorant perspective of what’s important in life.
    9: This post leaves me wondering what you think of women. Perhaps you should edit it, or write a new post, on how women fit into this perspective of yours.
    10. Your perception of the sexual market forces is incorrect. By claiming that fat men leave women horny and sex-starved, you dramatically overestimate the tendency towards monogamy. Horny women would rather share hot men (or “try to persuade, with various success, men into monogamy through sex”) than wait for a charming prince to put a ring on. The only sex-starved women are fat women and nuns/muslims.)

    That’s what I could think of by skimming through your article. As for my personal opinion, you sound like an insecure pubertal teenager trying to find confidence through your high sexual drive. But I’m no psychoanalyst.

    • 3 July 2011 at 5:26 pm

      1. I never said that. I simply said that the ideal man could BOTH have sex with 16 women in multiple night and give ALL of them multiple orgasms. That’s an ideal all men should strive for. And you could just do it all with one woman, but that would be boring, but at least you’d be getting some; that’s one more than any fatty ever could hope for.
      2. Lol where did I say you need to have sex every second of the day? Strawman. Or maybe that’s how you interpret having sex 3 times a week? Rofl, fatty.
      3. I’m simply saying that Hercules is the ideal. You don’t NEED to be a body builder. You won’t be fucking like Hercules though, but at least you won’t be a fatty.
      4. Hercules as an ideal exists. Whether or not he actually existed is immaterial to anything I’ve said in this post and you are a retard for thinking it does.
      5. Rofl you really think you need steroids to build muscles like that? Yeah, you’re definitely fat and don’t work out, I can tell. Is this the excuse you tell everyone so you don’t feel obligated to work out? Lololol.
      6. I agree with Bernard on this. You are a pussy, probably because you’ve been poisoned by too much estrogen in your system. Sex is sex. Emotional bonding experience? Lolololol.
      7. Oh please, that’s full of shit. I’ll agree that a woman’s skill and being into it certainly helps, but its important is miniscule compared to the man’s skill. If you are truly skilled like Hercules, you could take a virgin who doesn’t even know that sex exists and is as still as a rock in bed and get 10+ orgasms out of her in a single 20 minute session just by skill alone, but you’d have to be really skilled to do that.
      8. What? So college students should instead get fat and be unhealthy? Rofl, learn how to balance priorities, fatty. It’s really not hard.
      9. Make what you will of my opinion of women. I’m not shy about it.
      10. Overestimate the tendency toward monogamy? What? You need to improve on your reading comprehension, fatty, I said the opposite. Or maybe you need binoculars because you’re so fat that your face is too far from the computer screen to be able to read everything rofl.

      Judging by your comment, I can tell you’re desperately trying to justify your obesity’s not allowing you to get any sex. Accept the truth, fatty.

  2. Bernard
    3 July 2011 at 3:12 pm

    “Normal people have sex because of intimacy, pleasure and emotional bonding.”

    What a fucking fag.

  3. Anonymous
    4 July 2011 at 4:53 am

    2: You misread my comment. I wrote “every second day”, which is close to three times a week, not “every second of the day”. I suggest you stop lecturing others about acquiring glasses until you achieve perfection yourself.

    As for the rest of your replies, I can tell that you are incapable of making dialogues on a mature level, which is why I’ll stop commenting on whatever you write. I’ll keep reading Fat Slayer’s posts about nutrition for a while, but if this is the level of seriousness behind your “movement”, then I’m afraid you won’t stand a chance against the widely (pun intended) spread “fat acceptance movement”. For the sake of your good intentions, I hope that you mature.

    PS: Bitter happiness? I see only bitterness in you. If I didn’t already know that you’d say “lol that’s gay, enjoy your yoga fattie”, I’d advice you to find a quiet place and reflect about things until you achieve happiness. Your unprovoked aggressiveness indicates that you suffer from depression.

    • 4 July 2011 at 10:16 am

      Nothing better to wake up to on the birthday of our nation to fat fucks polluting our beautiful country… Real Americans aren’t fat.

    • Bernard
      4 July 2011 at 4:03 pm

      “I’m afraid you won’t stand a chance against the widely (pun intended) spread ‘fat acceptance movement’.”

      Please, fatty. Just because our liberal media is so preoccupied with equality that they’re willing to promote the laughable idea that people like you deserve anything except constant shame and humiliation doesn’t mean that there aren’t more of us than there are of you.

      You’re a fat fucking eyesore, and that’s how most of the world sees you. Just because they don’t tell you every single day, like they should, doesn’t mean they accept your disgusting fat body.

      They hate it. That’s why fat apologists like yourself always complain about “feeling invisible.” If only modern technology could actually make you that way.

    • 4 July 2011 at 9:01 pm

      Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you would have deliberately misinterpreted what I said to mean every second of the day because every second day is so little that you’d have to be a truly fat and disgusting freak to think that’s a lot. I gave you the benefit of the fucking doubt you retard, I allowed you some room to save face. Sex isn’t some exercise like lifting weights where you have to give your muscles a day’s rest to grow. Sex is endurance, it’s about skill. If you think sex every other day is too much work then go leave this blog and never come back because fat asses like you make me sick to my stomach.

  4. Drune
    25 January 2014 at 9:35 pm

    One name for you should say it all. Ron Jeramy. Ugliest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen with a big dick and unlimited stamina.. and that was before the porn industry got him.

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