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Calories in, calories out

I’m going to simplify this because I have a party to go to tonight and need to conserve my time and energy for the piles of women that’s going to be on their knees for me. It’s tough being so damned sexy. Anyway, this post is about calories-in-calories-out, so you fat fucks can realize that buying 100s of those ‘low calorie’ shit-bars isn’t going to make you any less flabby looking.
First, this video:

Basically it’s saying that if you eat shitty foods and don’t move enough, you’ll get fat easier. WOOP DE FUCKING DO. It’s not calories, it’s when you pile shit down your throat.
Now don’t get me wrong, if you eat 8000 calories of something healthy you’ll put on quite a bit of weight, but it’s much more difficult and much better for your body to eat healthy food. Yeah, I know some fat fuck lost weight on a twinkie diet because he reduced calories, but is that truly sustainable? If he kept it, wouldn’t his nutrient stores eventually run out, making him lighter but weaker at the same time?

Here’s a quote from Gary Taube’s book Good Calories, Bad Calories:

In 1940, Hugo Rony, former chief of the endocrinology clinic at Northwestern University’s medical school, discussed this reverse-causation problem in a monograph entitled Obesity and Leanness, which is easily the most thoughtful analysis ever written in English on weight regulation in humans.
Rony’s goal, as he explained it, was to “separate recognized facts from suggestive evidence, and reasonable working hypothesis from mere speculations.” This set Rony apart from Louis Newburgh, Jean Mayer, and others who were more interested in convincing their colleagues in the field that their speculations were correct. When Rony discussed positive energy balance, he compared the situation with what happens in growing children. “The caloric balance is known to be positive in growing children,” he observed. But children do not grow because they eat voraciously; rather, they eat voraciously because they are growing.
They require the excess calories to satisfy the requirements of growth; the result is positive energy balance. The growth is induced by hormones and, in particular, by growth hormone. This is the same path of cause and effect that would be taken by anyone who is driven to put on fat by a metabolic or hormonal disorder. The disorder will cause the excess growth—horizontal, in effect, rather than vertical. For every calorie stored as fat or lean tissue, the body will require that an extra calorie either be consumed or conserved. As a result, anyone driven to put on fat by such a metabolic or hormonal defect would be driven to excessive eating, physical inactivity, or some combination. Hunger and indolence would be side effects of such a hormonal defect,merely facilitating the drive to fatten. They would not be the fundamental cause. “Positive caloric balance may be regarded as the cause of fatness,” Rony explained, “when fatness is artificially produced in a normal person or animal by forced excessive feeding or forced rest, or both. But obesity ordinarily develops spontaneously; some intrinsic abnormality seems to induce the body to establish positive caloric balance leading to fat accumulation. Positive caloric balance would be, then, a result rather than a cause of the condition.”

Learn something, fatties.
Well, time to go party and get laid, something you’ll never do because no hot girl will ever want to go near your odious, whale-like body. Would it kill you to eat healthy for a few months to see how it goes? Quite the opposite.

But since you’re lazy fuck and have no soul, you don’t care. Hell, go die of diabetes or heart attack, see if I care, we’re overpopulated on this planet anyway.

  1. FormerFatty
    23 July 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Might as well post about the twinkie diet.

    What people don’t realize is if you actually calculate the average carbs per day on the “twinkie diet”, it comes up to 150g of carbs PER DAY.

    What this means is he is eating at half the recommendation of the FDA (300g of sugar, smart!), and he isn’t at a level where his insulin is going to kick his ass. It isn’t exactly low carb, but it isn’t high carb either.

    I read your posts, and I’m glad you emphasis on Gary Taubes and that grains suck balls. Good to see some sense around here.

  2. Anonymous
    25 July 2011 at 7:08 pm

    god taubes is an idiot
    insulin is so irrelevant its ridiculous, especially considering that protein spikes it just as much as carbs,
    honestly, if you get less calories than you burn, you will lose weight
    if you get enough protein, you will maintain lbm while losing weight, assuming you have a negative calorie balance

    lazy people want to blame something for being fat, thats how taubes makes money
    first it was fat content, now its carb content
    eat whatever you want, just hit your protein requirement and keep 500 cals under the amount you burn in a day and you WILL lose weight and be satisfied

    • 25 July 2011 at 9:01 pm

      The amazing thing about eating healthy food is that when your body gets enough nutrients it doesn’t go screaming for you to eat more. It’s better to eat more calories [and just store it as fat for later] and get enough nutrients than stay lean and starve yourself, at least from your body’s perspective.
      I remember as a kid, eating that ramen noodle shit endlessly over 1000 calories in one sitting, just piling it on my plate because it was empty calories, not satiating at all. And I was a little guy, I probably didn’t even need 2000 calories back then.

  3. Onepissedoffjew
    9 September 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Still jerking it to gay furry hentai I see? Troll$

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