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Addressing some of the opposition

A lot of people seem to argue that this site may make fat people feel ashamed and desire change, and that is one of our goals, but it will actually turn them into obsessive compulsives and cause them to develop eating disorders. The argument is simply that our shaming will cause insecurity which will cause anorexia, bulimia, and all of that nonsense.
This is simply not true. This argument is based entirely on ignorance towards what causes eating disorders. In fact, I would go as far to say that this blog, if taken seriously, would help keep people from developing eating disorders. Let me explain.

The cause of eating disorders isn’t fat shaming. I’ll start off with an excerpt from The Diet Cure By Julia Ross:

[…]you may become obsessed by thoughts you can’t turn off or behaviors you can’t stop. Once this rigid behavior pattern emerges in the course of dieting, the predisposition to eating disorders is complete. Just as some low-serotonin obsessive-compulsives wash their hands fifty times a day, some young dieters may begin to practice a constant, involuntary vigilance regarding food and the perfect body. They become obsessed with calorie counting, with how ugly they are, and on how to eat less and less. As they eat less, their serotonin levels fall farther, increasing dieters’ obsession with undereating. As their zinc and B vitamin levels drop low as well, their appetite is lost. This can be the perfect biochemical set up for anorexia.[…] just as vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) results in an outbreak of red spots, so does tryptophan (and serotonin) deficiency result in an outbreak of the obsessive compulsive behavior we call ‘control.’ There may be psychological elements in the picture, too, but a low serotonin brain is ill-equipped to resolve them.

So the problem is biochemical, correct. More specifically, b-vitamins, zinc, tryptophan, serotonin, etc.
But what exactly are the sources of these foods? Check this chart.
B1 and B3 are found in nuts, liver, organ meats and meat, fish, nuts, potatoes. If one follows the advice on this blog, they will have adequate B1 and B3.
Where is zinc? Red meat, organ meat, seafood, leafy and root vegetables. Once again, follow our advice, achieve zinc.
And what about tryptophan? Cheese, liver, lamb, sweet potato, spinach.
Basically, eat your meats, eat your organs, eat your green vegetables. I eat all three of these nearly every day, and you fat fucks should too. “Oh no I’m fat I need to not eat anything to get thin durr.” It doesn’t work like that you fat fuck. Just vary your meats; pork one day, chicken another, fish another, beef some more; don’t just eat the lean cuts, eat the fatty cuts, make some soup with the bones, eat the liver and the heart, feed your body the nutrients it needs.

Over and over, studies have shown that removing tryptophan from our diet lowers serotonin and increases depression (including winter depression), insomnia, panic, and anger, and also triggers bulimia and chemical dependency

Eat some liver, you malnourished fuck

The lack of nutrients is what cause the disorder, and the atrocious dietary habits are what keep it intact. Don’t underestimate the importance of nutrients, a five year study by Dr. Schauss showed an astounding 85 percent recovery rate for anorexics patients given zinc supplementation, finding that “The zinc supplementation resulted in weight gain, better body function, and improved outlook.” Eighty-five percent? Very significant.
Pussified faggots or bitchy feminist women like to blame all of this on men or the media or helpful websites like this one, crying that we want girls that aren’t fat and they somehow mistook that as anorexic or starved. We want girls to have nice bodies so we can look at beautiful people, a nice body is a healthy body. And a healthy body comes from a healthy diet combined with exercise. It’s really that simple. We’re here to make beautiful people from fatties, and let the weak-willed ones die off. Anyone that comes back from our website with an eating disorder is quite intellectually challenged as we try to simplify this information for everyone, from teens to the elderly; all of our info will not only help people lose fat but also avoid becoming a starved piece of shit.

To simplify everything I said:
A shitty diet causes a deficiency in tryptophan, causing serotonin levels to drop, causing obsessions. When these obsessions combine with poor dietary beliefs, it creates obsessions about food, calories, and eating. The person doesn’t eat enough zinc, B1, and B3 and their appetite fails. So now they’re starving and don’t feel hungry. Enjoy looking like a holocaust survivor….

Of course why blame yourself when you can blame other people, like beautiful people who worked hard for years on our bodies with extreme perseverance and dedication like me and BH? If you have an eating disorder you’re a moron, a nutcase. You’re so afraid to eat, you actually fear fixing your problem. You’re afraid to take steps to look good but you torment your body in attempt to do the same, yet achieve the opposite. Is that not the definition of insanity?

These idiots do not deserve any sympathy, if you see an anorexic person, shame them into eating healthy food, just as it is your duty to do the same for a fatty.

As for you idiots telling me that I’m hurting people, keep your destructive lies and propaganda to yourself…

  1. Anonymous
    4 January 2013 at 2:57 pm

    After reading your blog, I can say that while some may feel your methods are cruel, the basic premise behind it is a sound one. Sometimes the truth hurts and people need to be made aware of it.

  2. Johnny D
    5 June 2013 at 6:42 am

    I just found this site and your post. I started looking because I am in the middle of a conflict with my father in law who is a gigantic fat piece of disgustingly smelly shit with an IQ of a dog turd. I have begun to suspect after close interaction with him that fat disgusting pukes like him typically also have other personality, character, and/or intelligence issues. So I have started doing a little research online. So far, my unscientific delving has lead me to a vast amount of supporting info. Maybe this has never been studied correctly in an academic setting, but while I have found countless anecdotal evidence supporting my theory, (including the fact that many others have the exact same theory!), I also have found literally no rebuttals and, of the opinions found along those lines, they all originate from the fatty themselves or from a professional apologist who just wants everyone to have a safe and happy life with no effort put out on their behalf, (you know, the ones who hand out the “participant” trophies with a big smile…..).

    You hit the nail my friend. You have that certain knack for articulating your perspective the way it needs to be told…straight to the point……the TRUTH…….all of it whether someone else likes it or agrees or not. The way information should be provided so that others will understand it and process it.

    One key thing here I need to mention before I start a rant is to reiterate a recurring theme concerning these fatties:

    Their inability to be trusted.

    Whether it is abuse surrounding break times on the job, (the list of typical transgressions is quite long: length of the break, frequency of breaks, stealing food from the break room fridge….etc), they cannot be trusted in a number of ordinary social situations and have a very skewed sense of reality in many others.
    Perfect example: this disgusting fat fuck that is my father in law, (luckily, his wife cheated on his junky, disgusting, ass before divorcing him so he is not in truth my wife’s biological father, THANK GOD!), starts the typical phase where he is getting to know me and he wants to start “story time” about how he did this cool thing or “won” in some fashion, trying to find stuff to brag about so I’ll think he is a great guy or whatever.
    One of his typical stories is along these lines:
    He tells me about how it was somebodies birthday at the office and they had a BIG birthday cake for the guy and that the company spent all kinds of money on it, etc.
    He goes on to explain that he works the overnight shift at this time and how the guy was SOOOOO STUPID because he didn’t take the cake home from the party. Then this repugnant, disgustingly obese and smelly sack of poop tells me of the unending glory he experienced because he was able to sit there all night long, do absolutely no work of any type whatsoever, (lots of the no-working for days, weeks, etc stories….lots and lots of them, all told and embellished with pride and self satisfaction…..), and eat the ENTIRE FUCKING CAKE BY HIMSELF. Do you hear that? He was bragging and expected me to be envious of him because he was able to rip off his employer by not doing ANYTHING he was responsible for and simultaneously screwed over a co-worker ON HIS BIRTHDAY by eating an ENTIRE BIRTHDAY CAKE BY HIMSELF. He was literally GLOWING with PRIDE while telling me this story, how it was this huge sheet cake but double layered and it only had like 4 or 5 pieces cut out of it that left him with 20 or more to eat by himself.
    This fat bastard is sitting there across from me telling me this story all the while he is DIABETIC, CAN’T WALK 20 FEET and has a scooter to lug that carcass of his around, all sorts of other medical issues I could go on about for days, (he actually has a nurse that comes to his house every day of the week, paid by the taxpayers of course, to make sure he takes his fucking pills. I shit you not. He can’t be trusted to take the pills he has been prescribed due to the damage he has done to his own body by his chosen lifestyle).

    Lots more to say, but hell I gotta go….more later!

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