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Brain supplements

Hey fatties, BH is gone for the night, with a girl obviously, probably gonna bone her a few times like the stud he is. Anyway he told me to make a post for him and I’ve had this fucker saved up in case of emergency so here it is.

Although this site is mainly about exercises and nutrition to go from fat to fit, there is more to it than that. A good diet and exercise regime are all great for a healthy, functioning brain. If you pile shit into your body, your brain has to run on shit. Would you shit in your gas tank and expect it to run like normal? Would you piss all over your keyboard and expect the keys to work fine? No, so eat the right food and maybe your brain will start to work and tell you that you’re an idiot and need to lose some fucking weight.

Anyway, on to what I was saying. Sure, there are brain foods, but I’m going to talk about supplements. Supplements to help cognition, with some first hand experience as well. This is important information and I suggest you read about it yourself before trying anything, but they are pretty much non toxic. There are a lot more than I’ll mention but these are the most popular ones and the ones I know about.

Piracetam – Intelligence and central nervous system booster. First nootropic [smart drug] discovered, non toxic, even when taking in high amounts. For instance, I took 14g once when the recommended dosage is 2.4-4.8g per day, I take 2.8g. It is not addictive either. Many describe it as a drug that “Wakes up your brain” and it was so influential and promising it basically created the label “Nootropic” which means ‘acting on the mind’ in Greek. Since its creation, many companies have begun trying to make other -racetam drugs. The effects are cumulative, and it just continues to work better and better, and it’s pretty cheap too. Here are some studies on piracetam that you can look at.

Acetyl-l-Carnitine – a naturally occurring amino acid, found in milk in small quantities. It has a lot of effects on the body, anti-stroke, anti-depression, neuronal protection, and enhancing of the action of the mitochondria. It is said to help fight aging, which contributes to a younger, healthier brain. It also increases brain cell metabolism and improves memory, reaction times, and other cognitive functions. The dosages are generally .5-2g per day, I take .7 or 1.4g. ALCAR is also said to have synergy with piracetam, which basically means 1+1=3, or that adding them together enhance the effects. Some good info on ALCAR is available here.

Alpha-Glycerolphosphorolcholine – Too lazy to spellcheck, it’s just called Alpha-GPC. It’s a choline source, a naturally occurring nutrient found in foods such as eggs. It’s suggested that you take a choline source with piracetam or another -racetam because acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter related to information processing. This is fat soluble so take it with some fat. Here’s a study to look at, and it’s suggested to take .5-1g per day.
I’ve also heard good things about CDPcholine but I’ve never tried it.

Aniracetam – A derivative of piracetam, supposedly synergistic as well, and fat soluble. It is much more potent and has different effects, I have never tried it but I will buy it soon. It is entirely non-toxic, has cumulative effects, and impacts almost every known measure of mental performance. Compared to piracetam, aniracetam probably has more potent activity at its receptor points. They are both receptor modulators, and don’t cause nuerons to fire, but primes them so they fire well when they do. Unlike piracetam though, aniracetam has activity on the AMPA site, and some slight activity on dopamine and serotonin, and maybe GABA, and acts as a anxiolytic. Two studies.

Lion’s mane – a mushroom that has been used for centuries in the east to enhance the nervous system. I’ve never tried this but I really want to get it soon. Not long ago they discovered the Lion’s Mane increases the production of nerve growth factor, NGF, which determines the rate at which new brain cells are produced. This discovery won a Nobel prize, it’s not bullshit. No other substance crosses the blood-brain barrier and stimulates NGF production. The effects take a few months though, but six months proves to have significant improvement in nearly every mental function – supplementation Lion’s mane basically gives you more brains. By the way, ALCAR supposedly is synergistic with Lion’s Mane(see fourth paragraph). This article isn’t a scientific paper but it gives a good, simple explanation.

Oxiracetam – another -racetam, so a derivative of piracetam. Seems to enhance the senses more than others, and make people enjoy art, especially music more. I’ve also heard experiences where piracetam or aniracetam will help people think faster, but oxiracetam gives them more ‘torque’ so that they can push through difficult concepts. I really don’t have much to say though since I have never taken it myself, but it is also non toxic and improves all measures of cognition. Some studies.

All of these I either have taken or plan on taking, so I do recommend them but read about them first and play it safe. And remember, these may improve cognition but the effect these have on me is nowhere near the effect I had from changing to healthy food from shit like pizza and soda and all of that garbage.

  1. Anonymous
    4 August 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I tried taking Piracetam, 5 doses of 800mg spread throughout the day for nearly a month and noticed nothing. I heard about preloading it by taking like 5g in one sitting to kick start your systems response to it, but haven’t tried it yet.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences with it?

    I’m also running an EC stack and not sure if that is interfering with it.

    • 5 August 2011 at 6:03 pm

      The effect is not an ‘in your face’ type of thing, if you want that, I suggest aniracetam. although it’s not going to hit you like a brick and make you feel like a genius. I took piracetam for a week back in college and noticed nothing, so I decided to test it. I did this memory game on the computer and i would test myself every day with different piracetam doses or none at all. the days I took nothing I did the worst, except if I took piracetam the day before, then I did almost as well as if I was on it. It wasn’t too much better, like a score of 70% vs 80-85%, but it was enough so that it helps.

      As for EC stack, there is no known reaction between racetams and choline sources [you should be taking your racetams with choline] so you should be fine. What you should not do is take EC stack with MAO-Inhibitors, of which piracetam is not.

      • Anonymous
        5 August 2011 at 10:14 pm

        “should do” ?
        isn’t it incredibly dangerous to mix ephedrine with MAO-Inhibitors?

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