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How to Rate One’s Appearance

Sorry all, I got a little tied up the other night (quite literally I might add).  I believe Fat Slayer laid out enough details in his last post…

Unfortunately my time is still crunched this week, so all I have for you is a reference poster below and it is very useful indeed.  Ever had a girl ask you to rate her appearance, and after giving her a number, she asks you exactly what that number means?  In the future, just link her to this post.  Simply click the picture to view it in full size.

Feminists directly attack testosterone and create a feminine society

27 July 2011 14 comments

Feminism is about desexualization and reduction of the natural virility of men, and they do this terrible act through multiple attacks on a man’s natural sex drive.

First off, they attempt to make males feel ashamed about his natural, lewd intentions, which are caused by testosterone. Ever seen a steer trying to go around fucking hot cows? No, that’s what a bull does, since he has balls that produce testosterone. Testosterone is essentially what makes a man a man; when testosterone is released in the womb, it causes the fetus to start to form as a male, originally we were all female (this is why men have nipples yet don’t produce milk). We get shocks of testosterone other times in our life too, and each of them distance us from females more and more.
What good is a man without testosterone? He is simply not a man.

Enjoy your low testosterone, pussy

Let us look at dogs. Sheepdogs to be exact. what is a sheepdog who has some balls? A fucking sheepdog. He herds sheep and doesn’t give a shit. What is a sheepdog who was neutered as a puppy? A pet. He can’t herd worth shit, he can roll on the ground and fetch maybe, but he’s not going to herd anything with his empty scrotum and limp dick.
His will of action, his drive, his masculine essence, it has been destroyed because his testosterone was stolen from him. And that is what these feminists are doing, attempting to turn men into pets. They wish to be our masters and for us to be their submissive, pussified pets.

When you take away the man, he is a female, with no tits and a shriveled up dick, and that is when the feminists will win, when they have taken all of the men. A man cannot be afraid of his testosterone, because then he is essentially a pussy afraid of himself.

Second off, they attack us from the mouth and fill us with poison. Feminists are well known for being supportive of veganism or vegetarianism and often attack is superior meat-eaters. They urge us to eat toxins, to eat shit like soy. Not only does it possibly cause cancer, but it has isoflavones, plant estrogens, which are phyto-endocrine disrupters. It causes hypothyroidism, causing lethargy, constipation, fatigue, and fat gain. But that’s not all; it lowers testosterone; when children were given soy formula instead of breast milk, their testosterone levels were greatly reduced. In male marmoset monkeys, it was reduced up to 70 percent in one study. This causes problems later in life, such as delayed genital development and feminine traits, as well as learning disabilities and retarded sexual development.
When you become deficient in testosterone, you are a sub-male.

Feminism makes men pathetic and worthless, they make them “Nice.” Nice guys never get laid, because they’re fucking retards. These feminists guilt guys into thinking pussy is some great thing and they put it on a pedestal, sacrificing plants and chocolate and precious metals as a token of appreciate for allowing them their time. Is that not worship? Why the hell would you worship women, a stunted, narrow shoulder, weak and fragile bunch of idiots? They’re really just there to look good. What’s even worse is when they write unimaginative poems and act like a fool, and feel like a million bucks when a girl calls it ‘cute’, not that they don’t call little kids the same thing 24/7. Because little kids have little, underdeveloped dicks because they have no testosterone yet. Just like you, little boy, except you’re an adult. You let these weak little girls tell you what to do, make you fat, make you lose all hope in yourself, how do you feel? Hell, they’ve pussified you so much you’re AFRAID of them. “Oh shit does she like me, she smiled at me, maybe I should go ask her friend…” hahahaha-NO. Don’t be a little bitch, don’t ever ask yourself if a girl likes you, ask yourself if you like her. If you do, go get her.

And one more thing before I go to bed: they try to convince us it’s wrong to judge a women by her looks. Then they turn around and claim that fatness should not only be allowed, but glorified. The definition of insanity in my opinion. This unnatural crap hurts everyone in the end. One time I was at a party and wanted to dance with some cute girl, so I did, and she was grinding on my dick, shit was going great. Then, along came some chubby feminist piece of shit, why she was at the party is beyond me, trying to push me off and tell me to stop ‘Sexually harassing’ her friend. What the fuck did I do? “Get your hands off of her butt.” She was asking for it, she wouldn’t have been rubbing it all over my dick if she didn’t want me to touch it.
God, I will not respect a women. I’m no misogynist, and I don’t hate women or think men are superior, but I just can’t respect a woman. I love women, the gorgeous ones who take care of themselves, but women just prove to me, time and time again, they are not worth the same level of respect that a man can earn – and by man I mean a rare, masculine subgroup of males that allows the nature-intended flow of testosterone to course through his body, uninterrupted, unafraid. A man acts how he intends to and does not apologize for being a man. What if I said “Ohh, I’m sorry, I thought she wanted it, I won’t touch her there again…” Well, we wouldn’t have fucked 30 minutes later.

Feminism wants women to go around controlling men and let women do whatever they want, with some bullshit fabricated morality that turns their female immorality into virtue. They want fatties to feel free to be gluttons (estrogen is stored in fat by the way, low body fat = high testosterone) and make ugly girls feel like they have a role in society. It’s for the weak and it hurts the weak. Feminism will ultimately be a success once the human species is a weak and flabby and useless pile of worthless shit, just like a typical feminist.

I’ll finish this shit Friday…

This is What Fatties Have Reduced American Cinema To

Hollywood these days is a shadow of its former self.  No longer can we go to a cinema and expect to enjoy a quality film such as Singin’ in the Rain, North by Northwest, or The Searchers.  Clearly, American film has degraded and just about everything that comes out of Hollywood Is complete garbage.  What happened?  Did the directors just run out of ideas?  Nope, that’s not it.  The fatties got to the movie industry.

I was rudely reminded of such last night.  I was out on a date with a girl I wanted to fuck.  I didn’t want to see a movie because I figured it was probably going to be shit like all these modern films are, but she really wanted to see one complete with the begging, pleading, and whining like a two year old, so being the gentleman that I am, I took her to the movie theater.  Since I didn’t give a shit, I let her choose the movie.  She chose Zookeeper, which just opened last night.  Big fucking mistake.  Men, take note of my experience here; never let the female you go out with decide what you two do or what movie you to see if you go to one.  Be in control.  I got lazy and apathetic, and thus I paid the price.

When she chose, I didn’t notice that it was the new Kevin James movie.  I watched his previous movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop that my friend pirated (no way we’d give money to such a disgusting film).  God what a stupid film that was.  I couldn’t watch it for longer than 15 minutes, it’s about some fatty who can’t make it as a regular cop because he can’t pass the fitness test, so he becomes a mall cop.  This Zookeeper movie was more or less the same.  Kevin James plays his usual fat and disgusting self and then he finds this attractive girl, so in order to win her over he tries to get a better job because his fat loser ass doesn’t make shit working at the zoo.  But the animals at the zoo don’t want that (they probably want to eat him for all that lard in his body and the ease of taking him down, I know I would if I were a lion), so they convince him to stay and try to help the fatty be “smooth” to win her over with his newly found style.  Yeah, at that point, some 15 to 20 minutes into the movie I got up and left.  I was disgusted.  I told the girl I was with I’m going to the bathroom and just ditched her there.  Fuck her.  A girl who wants to see a movie like that isn’t worthy of getting fucked by me.

I didn’t even need to watch the rest of the movie to know everything about it.  It’s the same shit.  Fart jokes, fatty glorification, and all that, complete with the fat ass miraculously getting the hot girl to fall in love with him.  Aww… isn’t that cute? *gag*

LMAO yeah right fatties, this will NEVER happen in real life, no hot girl wants flab on her man.

In all seriousness, it’s disgusting.  Fart jokes and fatty glorification is what Hollywood has become reduced to.  Most Americans these days, particularly the movie-going ones, are fat, so the movie industry has seen fit to pander to this demographic.  They fulfill their fantasies time and again in the most cliché format, with the fat guy overcoming his repulsiveness and somehow winning the hot girl he lusts over.  Of course, Hollywood doesn’t show their sexual encounter, where they’d have to face the grim reality of her learning that the fatty can’t keep it up for longer than 5 minutes without getting a heart attack.  But hey, that wouldn’t fit in with Hollywood’s fatty glorification message.  Hollywood these days is promoting fatties and fat tolerance.  It’s sick.  Go watch Ricky Gervais in The Invention of Lying, Jonah Hill in Superbad, or Zach Galifianakis in any movie, or their predecessors Chris Farley or John Candy in any of their movies (thank god those two are both dead from their obesity).  It’s all about fatty glorification and pandering to fatties.  It makes me want to vomit.

This is what American cinema has been reduced to.  If you want to see good looking people you can look up to in your films, you need to go back 40+ years ago to find those movies.  This is just yet another example of how fatties hurt us all.  Those fat pieces of shit have destroyed a respectable fine art and I hope they burn in hell for it.

Having Sex is a Measure of How Fit You Are

Hercules: The Epitome of Manliness

People often ask me “BitterHappiness, who is it that you admire most?”  Before, I would have probably just said myself, because honestly other than Fat Slayer and a select few others, everybody else sucks in some manner.  But after Aristodemus taught me about Greek mythology, I now have a new answer: Hercules.  He is my fucking god, and I don’t mean that Disney shit.

I’m referring to one of the stories of Hercules where he impregnated 16 women in one night.  A single night.  All hot women with good upbringing of course, the only kind of woman worthy of the presence of Hercules.  And not only that, but every woman the stud banged had multiple orgasms.  I’d like to see (or rather, hear, as seeing would be a nauseating sight) some fat fuck try to just have sex with two girls in a single night, let alone 16 and being able to give them multiple orgasms.  Most fatties I’ve seen would cum prematurely because they lack self-control and are rightfully sex-deprived, not to mention lack the endurance to keep it up for longer than two minutes.  Fucking pathetic.

Hercules was obviously fit.  Just look at that picture on the top right.  He was fucking ripped.  Look at the abs of Hercules, a majestic 6-pac that would make women orgasm on sight.  Hercules is the epitome of fitness and manly strength, something every man in the world should strive to emulate.

Fatties are the antithesis of Hercules.  They lack his stamina, they lack his self-confidence, they lack his sexual experience,  they lack his sexy and strong body, and worst of all they lack any ambition to improve themselves and become more like Hercules.  It’s pathetic and decadent.  What would a fatty do during sex with a woman?  Because of their inexperience and self-confidence, they’d ask her how she wants it.  Because of their lack of stamina and strength, they’d tire quickly and require her to take control.  WTF is this shit?  Nothing Hercules would do.  Think about it.  Did Hercules ask the women he fucked if she’d like it in a certain way?  No.  Hercules just fucked her in his usual style because he knew what he was doing.  Did Hercules even ask these women if they wanted to be fucked?  No, he didn’t need to because Hercules knew that it was a privilege to be fucked by him.   Hercules took control, he was the man, and there is no question about it.  Hercules dominated sex each time because he knew that every woman he fucked would be too worn out from all the orgasms he’d be giving her to be able to do much else.

If you do not strive to be like Hercules, you will become decadent and fat.  If you let a woman take control during sex, you are a fatty because how on earth could you have real sex, the kind Hercules gives, if she isn’t being too worn out from all the orgasms you’re giving her?  How are you utilizing your strength if you sit on your ass like a fatty and have her do all the work?

This is why sex is a measure of strength and fitness, and why Hercules is the epitome of what all men should strive to be.  How well you perform and how much you get is all an indicator of how fit, and thus how sexy and pleasing to women, you are.  You should always ask what would Hercules do.  If you masturbate more often than you have sex, you are fat and pathetic.  Seriously, did Hercules masturbate?  No, he always had a woman on her knees for him and would probably laugh at how pathetic the idea is.  If you aren’t having sex at least three, preferably four or more, times a week, you are fat and pathetic.  If you don’t take control during sex and if you ever ask the woman you are having sex with what she wants or how she wants it, you are fat and pathetic.  Unfortunately because we have so many fatties in society, we have so many women who are not pleased and are sex-starved, hence their lowering their expectations and requirements to have sex and this leads to the proliferation of various sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.  This is great for people like Fat Slayer and I, who are able to get clean and beautiful women in bed with us by the snap of our fingers like The Fonz, but is a sad indicator of the decadence of society and yet another illustration of how fatties hurt us all.

This is a Man Who Is Inspired to Have a Body Like Hercules'

Fat Slayer is awesome and you’re a fatass

1 June 2011 34 comments

I welcome you all to my website. My name is Fat Slayer and BitterHappiness, an old friend of mine, and I came up with the idea to create this blog. Because we both have the vision to create a better earth for the human species, we found it necessary to take the first step and create awareness for the most detestable and odious habit plaguing society today: fatness.

I was raised in an upper middle class family and never really paid much attention to my weight or my health. I was never very fat, but by the time I went to university I had a little extra fat on my belly. I was on the path to gaining a lot of disgusting fat tissue and I decided to end this. Using a heaping load of common sense and a pinch of effort, I shed fat quickly and efficiently. I am now 100x better looking and it was one of the easiest things in my life that I’ve ever done. In fact, I can equate it to taking a shit every day. Sure, every once in a while I wanted a slice of pizza or a can of Coke, but I just ignored my cravings and moved on.

Right now I’m so fucking ripped that girls at work walk up to me and ask me if I’m gay because I don’t have a girlfriend. That’s how hot I am. No, my face isn’t special at all and I’m not tall or tan, but I take care of myself and respect my body and girls find that attractive. Guys walk up to me in public and ask me what I eat or what exercises I do. I tell them “It’s a diet and lifestyle choice I chose a few years ago. I call it the common sense diet.” And then I flex my bicep in their face and walk away. They’re usually left dumbstruck. If they’re fat I just say “I don’t stuff my face with shit like you do, fatty, learn some self restraint.”

Anyway, this is how it’s going to work. I don’t know what BitterHappiness is going to do exactly, but I think he’ll give a weekly post on whatever he wants (Since he’s a beautiful man, he can do whatever he wants). I’m going to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One day will be a reason to hate fat people, another will be some helpful tip on life such as how to improve your diet or exercise routine, and the third will be whatever I want. If I even have time to post 3 times with all of the pussy I effortlessly get.

Either way I hope you people learn something from this blog and either keep yourself fit or start to obliterate your fat. That’s really the first step to improve your life, and everyone else’s around you for that matter. There really is NO BENEFIT to being fat in modern society. Get up off your ass and move, throw the Pepsi in the garbage and drink some water. It really is that simple, and it really is worth it in the long run. Nutritious is delicious. Fat is ugly. You are worthless.