Brain supplements

30 July 2011 4 comments

Hey fatties, BH is gone for the night, with a girl obviously, probably gonna bone her a few times like the stud he is. Anyway he told me to make a post for him and I’ve had this fucker saved up in case of emergency so here it is.

Although this site is mainly about exercises and nutrition to go from fat to fit, there is more to it than that. A good diet and exercise regime are all great for a healthy, functioning brain. If you pile shit into your body, your brain has to run on shit. Would you shit in your gas tank and expect it to run like normal? Would you piss all over your keyboard and expect the keys to work fine? No, so eat the right food and maybe your brain will start to work and tell you that you’re an idiot and need to lose some fucking weight.

Anyway, on to what I was saying. Sure, there are brain foods, but I’m going to talk about supplements. Supplements to help cognition, with some first hand experience as well. This is important information and I suggest you read about it yourself before trying anything, but they are pretty much non toxic. There are a lot more than I’ll mention but these are the most popular ones and the ones I know about.

Piracetam – Intelligence and central nervous system booster. First nootropic [smart drug] discovered, non toxic, even when taking in high amounts. For instance, I took 14g once when the recommended dosage is 2.4-4.8g per day, I take 2.8g. It is not addictive either. Many describe it as a drug that “Wakes up your brain” and it was so influential and promising it basically created the label “Nootropic” which means ‘acting on the mind’ in Greek. Since its creation, many companies have begun trying to make other -racetam drugs. The effects are cumulative, and it just continues to work better and better, and it’s pretty cheap too. Here are some studies on piracetam that you can look at.

Acetyl-l-Carnitine – a naturally occurring amino acid, found in milk in small quantities. It has a lot of effects on the body, anti-stroke, anti-depression, neuronal protection, and enhancing of the action of the mitochondria. It is said to help fight aging, which contributes to a younger, healthier brain. It also increases brain cell metabolism and improves memory, reaction times, and other cognitive functions. The dosages are generally .5-2g per day, I take .7 or 1.4g. ALCAR is also said to have synergy with piracetam, which basically means 1+1=3, or that adding them together enhance the effects. Some good info on ALCAR is available here.

Alpha-Glycerolphosphorolcholine – Too lazy to spellcheck, it’s just called Alpha-GPC. It’s a choline source, a naturally occurring nutrient found in foods such as eggs. It’s suggested that you take a choline source with piracetam or another -racetam because acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter related to information processing. This is fat soluble so take it with some fat. Here’s a study to look at, and it’s suggested to take .5-1g per day.
I’ve also heard good things about CDPcholine but I’ve never tried it.

Aniracetam – A derivative of piracetam, supposedly synergistic as well, and fat soluble. It is much more potent and has different effects, I have never tried it but I will buy it soon. It is entirely non-toxic, has cumulative effects, and impacts almost every known measure of mental performance. Compared to piracetam, aniracetam probably has more potent activity at its receptor points. They are both receptor modulators, and don’t cause nuerons to fire, but primes them so they fire well when they do. Unlike piracetam though, aniracetam has activity on the AMPA site, and some slight activity on dopamine and serotonin, and maybe GABA, and acts as a anxiolytic. Two studies.

Lion’s mane – a mushroom that has been used for centuries in the east to enhance the nervous system. I’ve never tried this but I really want to get it soon. Not long ago they discovered the Lion’s Mane increases the production of nerve growth factor, NGF, which determines the rate at which new brain cells are produced. This discovery won a Nobel prize, it’s not bullshit. No other substance crosses the blood-brain barrier and stimulates NGF production. The effects take a few months though, but six months proves to have significant improvement in nearly every mental function – supplementation Lion’s mane basically gives you more brains. By the way, ALCAR supposedly is synergistic with Lion’s Mane(see fourth paragraph). This article isn’t a scientific paper but it gives a good, simple explanation.

Oxiracetam – another -racetam, so a derivative of piracetam. Seems to enhance the senses more than others, and make people enjoy art, especially music more. I’ve also heard experiences where piracetam or aniracetam will help people think faster, but oxiracetam gives them more ‘torque’ so that they can push through difficult concepts. I really don’t have much to say though since I have never taken it myself, but it is also non toxic and improves all measures of cognition. Some studies.

All of these I either have taken or plan on taking, so I do recommend them but read about them first and play it safe. And remember, these may improve cognition but the effect these have on me is nowhere near the effect I had from changing to healthy food from shit like pizza and soda and all of that garbage.

Feminist crap part 2

29 July 2011 7 comments

See part 1

I go to clubs, parties, and bars a lot to pick up hot girls to rail and I will see anywhere from pencil thin guys to morbidly obese ones. I will see men, and I’m not homosexual by any stretch, with very handsome facial features regardless of their body shape. I see ugly guys who are physically fit and good looking guys who just packed on a bunch of fat.
I also see the same thing for girls, and it always pains me to see a girl with a nice face just let herself go and get all fat, cute chubby girls are the worst because they’re only a little bit too fat and it’s just going to get worse.
But what have I noticed? There’s a strong correlation between the body fat of a man and his success, a guy with lower body fat generally gets more luck than one with a lot of it. However, with girls it is more often based on facial beauty, although butter-faces often get lucky as well.
At first this would suggest that women look for a good body and men look for a good face, but that’s not it at all. What women are looking for is masculinity. Those fat guys, unless packing a lot of muscle underneath, are usually overly nice, apologetic, nerdy, boring, submissive, and all that crap. They are physically unattractive, yes, and so are the horse-faced athletic guys, but the ones with lower body fat are more masculine and thus get more tail. With girls the personality has no correlation. The girls with nice bodies and faces get a lot of guys, the ones with nice faces get quite a few, the ones with nice bodies get a little less, and the ones with neither generally just settle with some equally undesirable fat fuck or give up and go home, which is a good thing since they make me sick.

So what does this mean? Fat guys are feminine, and it makes perfect sense, since body fat contributes to the production of estrogen. Enjoy being feminine, fatties, enjoy being undesirable. And fat girls, just because you might have a nice face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get physically fit, because fat girl’s never, and I mean never, have acceptable faces past youth. Once she’s out of the 20’s, usually by the late 20’s, a fat girl’s face will rapidly age and start to look nasty. Only when they’re young can they still maintain a youthful face with fat rolls exploding out of their jeans.

But what does this have to do with feminism fat slayer?

I’m getting to that. This is all the shit that feminists are pushing for for men to act like. Feminists want us to be pussies and apologize for our sexual desires, as if we should be ashamed for looking at a hot girl and wanting nothing but to pound her pussy balls deep for hours at night. A women’s beauty is a very important aspect of her person; like really, who would watch beach volleyball on TV if the girls wore body suits and you couldn’t see their hot bodies?\
They want us to “put the pussy on a pedestal” and treat it like it’s some great achievement when it really isn’t, causing fatties/pussies to get all nervous around girls because it’s the end of the world if they fuck up and go home dry-dicked. They want men to treat women as equal leaders, being able to make as many decisions in the relationship, being just as dominant and submissive. What lunacy, lol, if I wasn’t so dominant when it came to women I wouldn’t get half as much sex as I do, not that it wouldn’t be a shit load anyway. Girls want to be dominated, it’s in their instincts.

Feminists know they can’t just force real men to become pussified without a fight, so they try to make it easy and take away the man in them by targeting testosterone.
It’s truly pathetic when you see some fat guy giving some hot girl flowers and chocolates as if he thinks that’s going to help. It’s sad to see how much the modern day male exemplifies feminine characteristics, ever wonder why girls complain that all the good guys are either gay or taken? Gays know what they want, a fucking man, and that’s what they go after, not that I would know first hand. And all the other guys are taken because they are real men and can pick whoever the fuck they want, and they pick the most beautiful girl out of the pack and fuck her and her bitch friends too.

Feminists directly attack testosterone and create a feminine society

27 July 2011 14 comments

Feminism is about desexualization and reduction of the natural virility of men, and they do this terrible act through multiple attacks on a man’s natural sex drive.

First off, they attempt to make males feel ashamed about his natural, lewd intentions, which are caused by testosterone. Ever seen a steer trying to go around fucking hot cows? No, that’s what a bull does, since he has balls that produce testosterone. Testosterone is essentially what makes a man a man; when testosterone is released in the womb, it causes the fetus to start to form as a male, originally we were all female (this is why men have nipples yet don’t produce milk). We get shocks of testosterone other times in our life too, and each of them distance us from females more and more.
What good is a man without testosterone? He is simply not a man.

Enjoy your low testosterone, pussy

Let us look at dogs. Sheepdogs to be exact. what is a sheepdog who has some balls? A fucking sheepdog. He herds sheep and doesn’t give a shit. What is a sheepdog who was neutered as a puppy? A pet. He can’t herd worth shit, he can roll on the ground and fetch maybe, but he’s not going to herd anything with his empty scrotum and limp dick.
His will of action, his drive, his masculine essence, it has been destroyed because his testosterone was stolen from him. And that is what these feminists are doing, attempting to turn men into pets. They wish to be our masters and for us to be their submissive, pussified pets.

When you take away the man, he is a female, with no tits and a shriveled up dick, and that is when the feminists will win, when they have taken all of the men. A man cannot be afraid of his testosterone, because then he is essentially a pussy afraid of himself.

Second off, they attack us from the mouth and fill us with poison. Feminists are well known for being supportive of veganism or vegetarianism and often attack is superior meat-eaters. They urge us to eat toxins, to eat shit like soy. Not only does it possibly cause cancer, but it has isoflavones, plant estrogens, which are phyto-endocrine disrupters. It causes hypothyroidism, causing lethargy, constipation, fatigue, and fat gain. But that’s not all; it lowers testosterone; when children were given soy formula instead of breast milk, their testosterone levels were greatly reduced. In male marmoset monkeys, it was reduced up to 70 percent in one study. This causes problems later in life, such as delayed genital development and feminine traits, as well as learning disabilities and retarded sexual development.
When you become deficient in testosterone, you are a sub-male.

Feminism makes men pathetic and worthless, they make them “Nice.” Nice guys never get laid, because they’re fucking retards. These feminists guilt guys into thinking pussy is some great thing and they put it on a pedestal, sacrificing plants and chocolate and precious metals as a token of appreciate for allowing them their time. Is that not worship? Why the hell would you worship women, a stunted, narrow shoulder, weak and fragile bunch of idiots? They’re really just there to look good. What’s even worse is when they write unimaginative poems and act like a fool, and feel like a million bucks when a girl calls it ‘cute’, not that they don’t call little kids the same thing 24/7. Because little kids have little, underdeveloped dicks because they have no testosterone yet. Just like you, little boy, except you’re an adult. You let these weak little girls tell you what to do, make you fat, make you lose all hope in yourself, how do you feel? Hell, they’ve pussified you so much you’re AFRAID of them. “Oh shit does she like me, she smiled at me, maybe I should go ask her friend…” hahahaha-NO. Don’t be a little bitch, don’t ever ask yourself if a girl likes you, ask yourself if you like her. If you do, go get her.

And one more thing before I go to bed: they try to convince us it’s wrong to judge a women by her looks. Then they turn around and claim that fatness should not only be allowed, but glorified. The definition of insanity in my opinion. This unnatural crap hurts everyone in the end. One time I was at a party and wanted to dance with some cute girl, so I did, and she was grinding on my dick, shit was going great. Then, along came some chubby feminist piece of shit, why she was at the party is beyond me, trying to push me off and tell me to stop ‘Sexually harassing’ her friend. What the fuck did I do? “Get your hands off of her butt.” She was asking for it, she wouldn’t have been rubbing it all over my dick if she didn’t want me to touch it.
God, I will not respect a women. I’m no misogynist, and I don’t hate women or think men are superior, but I just can’t respect a woman. I love women, the gorgeous ones who take care of themselves, but women just prove to me, time and time again, they are not worth the same level of respect that a man can earn – and by man I mean a rare, masculine subgroup of males that allows the nature-intended flow of testosterone to course through his body, uninterrupted, unafraid. A man acts how he intends to and does not apologize for being a man. What if I said “Ohh, I’m sorry, I thought she wanted it, I won’t touch her there again…” Well, we wouldn’t have fucked 30 minutes later.

Feminism wants women to go around controlling men and let women do whatever they want, with some bullshit fabricated morality that turns their female immorality into virtue. They want fatties to feel free to be gluttons (estrogen is stored in fat by the way, low body fat = high testosterone) and make ugly girls feel like they have a role in society. It’s for the weak and it hurts the weak. Feminism will ultimately be a success once the human species is a weak and flabby and useless pile of worthless shit, just like a typical feminist.

I’ll finish this shit Friday…

Addressing some of the opposition

25 July 2011 2 comments

A lot of people seem to argue that this site may make fat people feel ashamed and desire change, and that is one of our goals, but it will actually turn them into obsessive compulsives and cause them to develop eating disorders. The argument is simply that our shaming will cause insecurity which will cause anorexia, bulimia, and all of that nonsense.
This is simply not true. This argument is based entirely on ignorance towards what causes eating disorders. In fact, I would go as far to say that this blog, if taken seriously, would help keep people from developing eating disorders. Let me explain.

The cause of eating disorders isn’t fat shaming. I’ll start off with an excerpt from The Diet Cure By Julia Ross:

[…]you may become obsessed by thoughts you can’t turn off or behaviors you can’t stop. Once this rigid behavior pattern emerges in the course of dieting, the predisposition to eating disorders is complete. Just as some low-serotonin obsessive-compulsives wash their hands fifty times a day, some young dieters may begin to practice a constant, involuntary vigilance regarding food and the perfect body. They become obsessed with calorie counting, with how ugly they are, and on how to eat less and less. As they eat less, their serotonin levels fall farther, increasing dieters’ obsession with undereating. As their zinc and B vitamin levels drop low as well, their appetite is lost. This can be the perfect biochemical set up for anorexia.[…] just as vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) results in an outbreak of red spots, so does tryptophan (and serotonin) deficiency result in an outbreak of the obsessive compulsive behavior we call ‘control.’ There may be psychological elements in the picture, too, but a low serotonin brain is ill-equipped to resolve them.

So the problem is biochemical, correct. More specifically, b-vitamins, zinc, tryptophan, serotonin, etc.
But what exactly are the sources of these foods? Check this chart.
B1 and B3 are found in nuts, liver, organ meats and meat, fish, nuts, potatoes. If one follows the advice on this blog, they will have adequate B1 and B3.
Where is zinc? Red meat, organ meat, seafood, leafy and root vegetables. Once again, follow our advice, achieve zinc.
And what about tryptophan? Cheese, liver, lamb, sweet potato, spinach.
Basically, eat your meats, eat your organs, eat your green vegetables. I eat all three of these nearly every day, and you fat fucks should too. “Oh no I’m fat I need to not eat anything to get thin durr.” It doesn’t work like that you fat fuck. Just vary your meats; pork one day, chicken another, fish another, beef some more; don’t just eat the lean cuts, eat the fatty cuts, make some soup with the bones, eat the liver and the heart, feed your body the nutrients it needs.

Over and over, studies have shown that removing tryptophan from our diet lowers serotonin and increases depression (including winter depression), insomnia, panic, and anger, and also triggers bulimia and chemical dependency

Eat some liver, you malnourished fuck

The lack of nutrients is what cause the disorder, and the atrocious dietary habits are what keep it intact. Don’t underestimate the importance of nutrients, a five year study by Dr. Schauss showed an astounding 85 percent recovery rate for anorexics patients given zinc supplementation, finding that “The zinc supplementation resulted in weight gain, better body function, and improved outlook.” Eighty-five percent? Very significant.
Pussified faggots or bitchy feminist women like to blame all of this on men or the media or helpful websites like this one, crying that we want girls that aren’t fat and they somehow mistook that as anorexic or starved. We want girls to have nice bodies so we can look at beautiful people, a nice body is a healthy body. And a healthy body comes from a healthy diet combined with exercise. It’s really that simple. We’re here to make beautiful people from fatties, and let the weak-willed ones die off. Anyone that comes back from our website with an eating disorder is quite intellectually challenged as we try to simplify this information for everyone, from teens to the elderly; all of our info will not only help people lose fat but also avoid becoming a starved piece of shit.

To simplify everything I said:
A shitty diet causes a deficiency in tryptophan, causing serotonin levels to drop, causing obsessions. When these obsessions combine with poor dietary beliefs, it creates obsessions about food, calories, and eating. The person doesn’t eat enough zinc, B1, and B3 and their appetite fails. So now they’re starving and don’t feel hungry. Enjoy looking like a holocaust survivor….

Of course why blame yourself when you can blame other people, like beautiful people who worked hard for years on our bodies with extreme perseverance and dedication like me and BH? If you have an eating disorder you’re a moron, a nutcase. You’re so afraid to eat, you actually fear fixing your problem. You’re afraid to take steps to look good but you torment your body in attempt to do the same, yet achieve the opposite. Is that not the definition of insanity?

These idiots do not deserve any sympathy, if you see an anorexic person, shame them into eating healthy food, just as it is your duty to do the same for a fatty.

As for you idiots telling me that I’m hurting people, keep your destructive lies and propaganda to yourself…

How You Can Make a Career Out of Being Fat

***Trigger warning for the queasy!  The pictures in this post might make you lose your lunch***

Have you heard about Donna Simpson, a 700 pound (or 600 pound, who’s able to keep track anymore?) beast, aspiring to break the world record by weighing a half a ton, setting up her own website where she collects donations to support herself?  If you didn’t think you could make a career out of stuffing your face shamelessly like the fat ugly beast you are, think again.  It’s been said that she devoured an entire 30,000 calorie Christmas dinner!  Jesus christ.  And to think, this woman has apparently been making $100,000 a year for this!  Only in America, right?

It’s completely disgusting.  If you pay something like $20 a month, you get access for premium membership on her site, whereby you’re able to look at all of her fat and revealing photos of her flab.  It’s fucking sick.  I can’t believe enough people pay to see that shit to allow her a comfortable income.  If you haven’t understood this point in our blog yet already, this should emphasize why we need to open peoples’ eyes to end this kind of thing from being possible.  It’s a travesty.  People like this woman and others similar to her like Jill Filipovic need to be stopped for the sake of us all.

Read the article, some comments on it, and take a look at her website.  She’s also a part of the whole fat acceptance movement rofl.  I find this especially funny because what excuse does she have for being fat?  She can’t pull the “it’s my genes!” card like all the fatties do because she’s actively trying to stuff her face every day to become 1000 pounds.  Fuck you, Donna Simpson.  You are sick and disgusting and will never be accepted.  Your fat is an abomination to all of mankind; you represent the very worst of our species.  You are selfish by carelessly committing genocide against an entire continent to support your idiotic goal.  Maybe your goal should be to attain a BMI of 20, down from your current triple digit BMI.  You’d probably hit the Guinness Book of World Records for losing the most weight.  But oh wait, that’s too hard, wahhhh.   The world would be better off if you were dead, you fat disgusting piece of shit.

Read more…

How to not eat like a retard summarized

22 July 2011 16 comments

Well I’ve done all the food groups and it’s time to summarize everything for you fat, lazy fucks…

Here are all the posts:

Some summary points:
1. Eat a lot of fat, mostly saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Eat small amounts of polyunsaturated fats, trying to balance omega-3’s and omega-6’s as close as possible. Do not cook with unsaturated fats, as they cause oxidation, which causes cancer and heart disease, which kills about 50% of Americans. Good sources of saturated is butter, animal fats, and coconut oil. A good source of monounsaturated is olive oil. Take fish oil pills only if you’re not eating fats from fish or grass-fed beef.

2. Eat moderate amounts of protein, mainly from animal sources. Eat more if you’re trying to gain muscle mass.

3. Avoid a lot of carbs unless trying to gain weight, try to keep it under 100g if trying to lose weight, keep it at 100g if trying to maintain, and eat even more if trying to gain muscle mass.

4. Avoid grains, legumes, and processed foods. Good sources of carbs then are starchy vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

5. Eat nuts and fruits in small quantities; avoid the most sugary fruits unless post-workout for the insulin spike.

6. For fat burning exercise, do short bursts of very fast sprints, also called high intensity interval training, and/or walking/hiking. For muscle gaining exercise, do resistance training with compound exercises.

7. Although I already said not to eat legumes, avoid soy like the plague.

8. Try to keep your fats 2/3-3/4 of your calories and protein as much of the rest as possible. If doing exercise, and you should be, keep your fats and protein at that ratio and then add some carbs on top of it, but not excessively.

9. If you can tolerate dairy go ahead and eat it.

10. No soda, candy, cake, or any of that unhealthy shit. Ever.

11. If you want a boost for your fat loss, try ECA stacking or Clenbuterol.

12. Eat as many low-calorie vegetables as you want.

13. Eat organ meats, especially liver, heart, and brain, as they are very nutrient dense
Well that’s it, steps to success in a healthy, lean life. You’d have to be an idiot to read this and continue with your self-destructive fatty ways…

How to not eat like a retard soy edition

20 July 2011 20 comments

Today’s post is on soy. Soy started in Asia, it was used to rotate with other crops. It fixes nitrogen, so it was basically used as manure. Soy was grown as a cover crop, not food. It contains so many antinutrients it is not actually edible; we have to process it a lot, more than other seeds in fact.
Soy has trypsin inhibitors; trypsin is an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas. This is why soy causes gas and bloating, as well as pain and diarrhea.
Another problem is the phytates. I discussed phytates in the previous posts on how to not eat like a retard. To reiterate, phytates bind with minerals in your digestive tract and make you unable to absorb them.
Soy is also a goitrogen. This means that soy can permanently damage your thyroid. The British government researches even identified soy-dependent vegans as an at-risk population for thyroid disease, and the British Committee on Toxicity added infants fed soy formula and adults using soy foods or supplements.
Another problem is that soy disrupts your hormones due to phytoestrogens. Basically the purpose of plant phytoestrogens is to render the predator infertile, so the threat is removed. Plenty of plants produce phytoestrogens, but out of those we only eat soy. This can bind onto estrogen receptors and block true estrogen and also disrupt the body’s production of estrogen. Enjoy your feminity, man-boobs, and pussification.
Soy also attacks the brain. In a study in Hawaii by Dr Lon R White of 4000 men and 500 of their wives showed that those who eat tofu at least 2x per week had “accelerated brain aging, diminished cognitive ability, and were more than twice as likely to be clinically diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.” Their ventricles were enlarged, and their brains were atrophied; “the more tofu eaten, the more cognitive impairment and/or brain atrophy.”
The isoflavones block tyrosine kinase, which is needed by your hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning. Not only that, they lower calcium-binding proteins that protect the brain from neurodegeneration. Genistein interferes with the brain’s DNA synthesis, and reduces production of new brain cells and increases the rate of cell death.
Do you want cancer, fatty? Well, maybe you deserve it, but the shit in soy also increases the rate of breast cancer. Not only that, the polyunsaturated fats in the soy often go rancid when heated, and causes oxidation and eventually cancer and/or heart disease.
Bottom line is to not eat soy, it’s shit. And so is your face, but you can change that, just follow my dietary guidelines.

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