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Fat People Smell

Notice the excessive sweat.

They really do.  Everybody knows it.  It’s no secret.  Yet when you try to voice this unspoken understanding, you’ll be pounced on by the fat apologists for being a bigot.  Lol WTF?  Are those idiots trying to tell me that reality is bigoted?

A lot of these same fat apologists who would force their bullshit on you will also try to deny the obvious reality that fat people fucking stink.  This is like trying to claim that 2 + 2 = 5.  The only way you could delude yourself into thinking this is true is by having your head so far up your ass that you close yourself off from the real world and live in a fantasy land inside your own head.  In other words, you are stupid.

But why do fatties stink?  There’s a myriad of reasons.  Let’s assume this hypothetical fatty is uptight about her hygiene, always pampering herself up and making sure she’s 100% clean.  She doesn’t stink more than somebody who weighs 100 pounds less, right?  Wrong.  Fatties sweat more than a person who not fat, which is the result of their excessive insulation from their fat as well as their fat rubbing against each other to create more friction.

Now, you might think that wearing deodorant, various creams, and showering multiple times a day solves that issue, and while it helps, it doesn’t do everything.  Sorry fatties, but you can’t take any shortcuts on this.  Fatties’ excessive sweat washes away deodorant and cream more quickly than a fit person.  Hell, a truly fit person doesn’t even need to wear any deodorant or creams and shower multiple times a day to smell just fine, yet a fatty would have to apply their shit and shower 3+ times a day just to smell passable.  Fucking passable, as in I’m not on the verge of vomiting by being within 10 feet of you.  And even then, you sweat all over your body and fatties are too fat to reach every area of their disgustingly huge bodies to wash and apply cream.

Of course, does a fatty who cares so much about their hygiene really exist?  There’s a reason why this scenario is presented in the hypothetical.  I’m not convinced that such a fatty exists.  You’d think somebody so concerned about their appearance would, well, not be fat!  You’d think somebody who’s so fucking obsessed about their appearance and hygiene would actually do something about their disgusting selves.  The fact that it’s safe to say none exist only underscores my point about fat people stinking even further.  Not only do you have fat people smelling more on their own, but they’re also a lot less inclined to shower regularly or even wear deodorant.  These animals are absolutely shameless.  Fucking sick.

This story below a friend E-mailed to me touches on this.  I gotta warn you though, visualizing it may make you lose your lunch:

My friend has one of the most DISTURBING, DISGUSTING pooping habits ever.

This kid I know weighs 450 pounds and is morbidly obese. I’m surprised he hasn’t died from it yet. He’s only 17. A few of my friends and I went over to his to keep him company since his parents were out of town. He wanted someone to play PS3 with him so we were happy to oblige.

Around 20 minutes into a game of Resistance, the kid goes “i’ll be right back, i gotta take a crap.” and walks off. I noticed he grabbed a large bucket, which I found strange. What happened next disgusted me beyond all reason.

From the bathroom, I heard a large roar, like a beast of some sort. I asked one of my friends who knows the fat kid a lot better than I do what was going on. His response still haunts me to this day:

“He takes a bucket to the bathroom with him because the smell always makes him puke. All the crusty shit and ass sweat caught in the folds of his fat have been decaying for months because he can’t clean himself. As soon as he drops his pants, the shit/sweat stench fills the bathroom and he begins throwing up.”

If this story hasn’t convinced you, nothing will.  All fat people smell like this.  There is no exception.  The world would have a much more pleasant scent without fatties stinking up the air.

BitterHappiness’s Introduction

Oh god, somebody put this fat gorilla out of his misery.

Before I make my first post on this blog, allow me to introduce myself.  I am BitterHappiness and each week on Saturdays, I will make a post where I rant about fat people, fatness in general, or something related that just disgusts me or that I otherwise find ridiculous.

Let me start off with my hatred off fat people.  Fuck.  Just thinking about those worthless and disgusting pieces of lard makes me writhe in anger.  Writing this post is extraordinarily difficult for me simply because I can’t do it for very long without having to worry about my blood pressure thanks to the despicable nature of the fat.

Why do I hate fat people so much?  For one, I hate being around them.  Not only are they notoriously displeasing to the eye to the point that whenever I see one I need to vomit, they take up a ridiculous amount of space.  Ever taken the bus and had to sit next to the fat person who took up half your seat and then you have to sit on the edge of your seat very uncomfortably?  Or on the plane?  The thing that pisses me off even more about this is the fact that I had to pay the same price for the ride as that fat ass.  Holy fuck do I wish it were legal to hack open these disgusting freaks’ stomachs and rip out all their lard, and then make them swallow it just so they’re aware of how fucking gross they all are.

They also stink.  Yeah, some people in general stink, but fat people especially reek.  Holy shit, I cannot stand to be around somebody fat for longer than 20 seconds.  And yes, fat people do stink a lot more than a normal person – retaining all that fat makes them extra warm, which induces them to sweat a lot more.  Pair that with their ugliness, watching their sickeningly thick thighs rub against each other (which creates friction, thus more sweat), and I don’t understand how anybody could be around such fat ass pieces of shit for very long.

Worse yet, you got their smug attitude.  They have the mindset of a 3 year old, always “me, me, me!”, an atrocious entitlement complex.  If you dare try to rightfully pin the blame of their problems on themselves, they act like you’re the idiot.  What’s that?  It’s everybody’s fault that you don’t have the willpower to resist eating cookies and milkshakes everyday?  You’re fat because you have a genetic disorder that less than 1% of all the United States has, like the entire fat population, 33% of all of the United States, claim they do?

Simply put, if you are fat, fuck you.  And I mean that.  You have wronged me and everybody else in this society by being the disgusting piece of shit you are.  Seriously.  You might be shaking your head right now wondering how your being as repulsive and large as you are effects me or anybody else, but that’s typical of your selfish and self-indulgent nature.  You care about nobody.  You don’t even fucking care about yourself.  You are worthless and you will never amount to anything.  People like you are why our society fails, and you know what?  If you died right now, probably of a heart attack or diabetic shock from being so fat, the world would be a far better place.  If you’re thinking about suicide, then I implore you to do it.  You are a horrible person.

Pissed off disgusting pile of lard jiggles his necks on cam

3 June 2011 4 comments

Oh my fucking god, look at this pathetic piece of shit. All mad because he is a fatass. “Blahh they’re so mean these teenagers calling me fat blaaahh.” YOU ARE FAT. And not ONE DAY should go by without you being shamed for it. I’m openly shaming you right here fatty, because it’s NOT okay to be fat. It’s not okay to be such a selfish, disgusting pile of steaming shit. I hope you die fucker. I hope you don’t have any aspirin and you heart starts to beat at 800 bpm and you die.

Actually, no, I don’t want you to die yet. I want you to see how fucking disgusting you are. Here’s what I’m going to do to your ugly, pathetic self. I’m going to tie you up to a chair (obviously made of some intense steel because you’re so fucking fat) and I’m going to leave you there, with just water, for 3 days straight. You should be incredibly hungry by then, willing to eat anything. And that’s when I’ll do it. I’ll get a crane and knock over the chair since, even though I’m ripped as fuck, I can’t move your disgustingly grotesque body. You’ll be on your back and this is when I’ll execute my plan. I’ll take a knife and fork and I’ll slowly eat a steak in front of you. A 2lb steak, covered in delicious butter and garlic, with a side of buttery asparagus. I’ll just nibble on it bit by bit, until the saliva is literally pouring out of your mouth and covering the floor. And that’s when it begins. I will take the knife, lower it to your fatty stomach, (you’ve already eaten your shirt so your blubbery torso is exposed) and make a small incision. You’ll scream out in pain because you’re a little pussy faggot, and I wont care. I’ll glare at you for a whole minute, no blinking, with a grimacing stare. You will be more afraid more than that time you thought you got AIDS and hypertension from that fat hooker you fucked. You’ll be more afraid than that time you thought McDonalds closed down. You’ll begin to sake uncontrollably, your blubber beginning to ripple. And this is when I’ll dig my hands into that incision and tear your skin apart, goatse-style. I’ll take the fork and knife and begin shoveling this fat into your mouth, making you devour your own odious failure of a body. Eat it fatty, eat it. How does it taste? Do you like to feel your own laziness dribble down your chin? CHEW FATTY CHEW! I will soon discover how poorly these silverware are for massive amounts of shoveling, and I’ll just grab the fat by the fist full and shove it down your throat myself. That will teach you a lesson, moron.

I hope you die, fatty.

Fat Slayer is awesome and you’re a fatass

1 June 2011 34 comments

I welcome you all to my website. My name is Fat Slayer and BitterHappiness, an old friend of mine, and I came up with the idea to create this blog. Because we both have the vision to create a better earth for the human species, we found it necessary to take the first step and create awareness for the most detestable and odious habit plaguing society today: fatness.

I was raised in an upper middle class family and never really paid much attention to my weight or my health. I was never very fat, but by the time I went to university I had a little extra fat on my belly. I was on the path to gaining a lot of disgusting fat tissue and I decided to end this. Using a heaping load of common sense and a pinch of effort, I shed fat quickly and efficiently. I am now 100x better looking and it was one of the easiest things in my life that I’ve ever done. In fact, I can equate it to taking a shit every day. Sure, every once in a while I wanted a slice of pizza or a can of Coke, but I just ignored my cravings and moved on.

Right now I’m so fucking ripped that girls at work walk up to me and ask me if I’m gay because I don’t have a girlfriend. That’s how hot I am. No, my face isn’t special at all and I’m not tall or tan, but I take care of myself and respect my body and girls find that attractive. Guys walk up to me in public and ask me what I eat or what exercises I do. I tell them “It’s a diet and lifestyle choice I chose a few years ago. I call it the common sense diet.” And then I flex my bicep in their face and walk away. They’re usually left dumbstruck. If they’re fat I just say “I don’t stuff my face with shit like you do, fatty, learn some self restraint.”

Anyway, this is how it’s going to work. I don’t know what BitterHappiness is going to do exactly, but I think he’ll give a weekly post on whatever he wants (Since he’s a beautiful man, he can do whatever he wants). I’m going to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One day will be a reason to hate fat people, another will be some helpful tip on life such as how to improve your diet or exercise routine, and the third will be whatever I want. If I even have time to post 3 times with all of the pussy I effortlessly get.

Either way I hope you people learn something from this blog and either keep yourself fit or start to obliterate your fat. That’s really the first step to improve your life, and everyone else’s around you for that matter. There really is NO BENEFIT to being fat in modern society. Get up off your ass and move, throw the Pepsi in the garbage and drink some water. It really is that simple, and it really is worth it in the long run. Nutritious is delicious. Fat is ugly. You are worthless.