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Fat People Smell

Notice the excessive sweat.

They really do.  Everybody knows it.  It’s no secret.  Yet when you try to voice this unspoken understanding, you’ll be pounced on by the fat apologists for being a bigot.  Lol WTF?  Are those idiots trying to tell me that reality is bigoted?

A lot of these same fat apologists who would force their bullshit on you will also try to deny the obvious reality that fat people fucking stink.  This is like trying to claim that 2 + 2 = 5.  The only way you could delude yourself into thinking this is true is by having your head so far up your ass that you close yourself off from the real world and live in a fantasy land inside your own head.  In other words, you are stupid.

But why do fatties stink?  There’s a myriad of reasons.  Let’s assume this hypothetical fatty is uptight about her hygiene, always pampering herself up and making sure she’s 100% clean.  She doesn’t stink more than somebody who weighs 100 pounds less, right?  Wrong.  Fatties sweat more than a person who not fat, which is the result of their excessive insulation from their fat as well as their fat rubbing against each other to create more friction.

Now, you might think that wearing deodorant, various creams, and showering multiple times a day solves that issue, and while it helps, it doesn’t do everything.  Sorry fatties, but you can’t take any shortcuts on this.  Fatties’ excessive sweat washes away deodorant and cream more quickly than a fit person.  Hell, a truly fit person doesn’t even need to wear any deodorant or creams and shower multiple times a day to smell just fine, yet a fatty would have to apply their shit and shower 3+ times a day just to smell passable.  Fucking passable, as in I’m not on the verge of vomiting by being within 10 feet of you.  And even then, you sweat all over your body and fatties are too fat to reach every area of their disgustingly huge bodies to wash and apply cream.

Of course, does a fatty who cares so much about their hygiene really exist?  There’s a reason why this scenario is presented in the hypothetical.  I’m not convinced that such a fatty exists.  You’d think somebody so concerned about their appearance would, well, not be fat!  You’d think somebody who’s so fucking obsessed about their appearance and hygiene would actually do something about their disgusting selves.  The fact that it’s safe to say none exist only underscores my point about fat people stinking even further.  Not only do you have fat people smelling more on their own, but they’re also a lot less inclined to shower regularly or even wear deodorant.  These animals are absolutely shameless.  Fucking sick.

This story below a friend E-mailed to me touches on this.  I gotta warn you though, visualizing it may make you lose your lunch:

My friend has one of the most DISTURBING, DISGUSTING pooping habits ever.

This kid I know weighs 450 pounds and is morbidly obese. I’m surprised he hasn’t died from it yet. He’s only 17. A few of my friends and I went over to his to keep him company since his parents were out of town. He wanted someone to play PS3 with him so we were happy to oblige.

Around 20 minutes into a game of Resistance, the kid goes “i’ll be right back, i gotta take a crap.” and walks off. I noticed he grabbed a large bucket, which I found strange. What happened next disgusted me beyond all reason.

From the bathroom, I heard a large roar, like a beast of some sort. I asked one of my friends who knows the fat kid a lot better than I do what was going on. His response still haunts me to this day:

“He takes a bucket to the bathroom with him because the smell always makes him puke. All the crusty shit and ass sweat caught in the folds of his fat have been decaying for months because he can’t clean himself. As soon as he drops his pants, the shit/sweat stench fills the bathroom and he begins throwing up.”

If this story hasn’t convinced you, nothing will.  All fat people smell like this.  There is no exception.  The world would have a much more pleasant scent without fatties stinking up the air.

How to Rate One’s Appearance

Sorry all, I got a little tied up the other night (quite literally I might add).  I believe Fat Slayer laid out enough details in his last post…

Unfortunately my time is still crunched this week, so all I have for you is a reference poster below and it is very useful indeed.  Ever had a girl ask you to rate her appearance, and after giving her a number, she asks you exactly what that number means?  In the future, just link her to this post.  Simply click the picture to view it in full size.

How You Can Make a Career Out of Being Fat

***Trigger warning for the queasy!  The pictures in this post might make you lose your lunch***

Have you heard about Donna Simpson, a 700 pound (or 600 pound, who’s able to keep track anymore?) beast, aspiring to break the world record by weighing a half a ton, setting up her own website where she collects donations to support herself?  If you didn’t think you could make a career out of stuffing your face shamelessly like the fat ugly beast you are, think again.  It’s been said that she devoured an entire 30,000 calorie Christmas dinner!  Jesus christ.  And to think, this woman has apparently been making $100,000 a year for this!  Only in America, right?

It’s completely disgusting.  If you pay something like $20 a month, you get access for premium membership on her site, whereby you’re able to look at all of her fat and revealing photos of her flab.  It’s fucking sick.  I can’t believe enough people pay to see that shit to allow her a comfortable income.  If you haven’t understood this point in our blog yet already, this should emphasize why we need to open peoples’ eyes to end this kind of thing from being possible.  It’s a travesty.  People like this woman and others similar to her like Jill Filipovic need to be stopped for the sake of us all.

Read the article, some comments on it, and take a look at her website.  She’s also a part of the whole fat acceptance movement rofl.  I find this especially funny because what excuse does she have for being fat?  She can’t pull the “it’s my genes!” card like all the fatties do because she’s actively trying to stuff her face every day to become 1000 pounds.  Fuck you, Donna Simpson.  You are sick and disgusting and will never be accepted.  Your fat is an abomination to all of mankind; you represent the very worst of our species.  You are selfish by carelessly committing genocide against an entire continent to support your idiotic goal.  Maybe your goal should be to attain a BMI of 20, down from your current triple digit BMI.  You’d probably hit the Guinness Book of World Records for losing the most weight.  But oh wait, that’s too hard, wahhhh.   The world would be better off if you were dead, you fat disgusting piece of shit.

Read more…

If You Are Fat, You Should Be Ashamed

I know this message is something we repeat over and over in this blog, but it’s such a critical one that lays at the crux of this blog’s existence that it is still worth a whole post emphasizing this point.  Simply put, if you are fat, you are worse than worthless; you are a fucking parasite.

If you are fat, you leech on the world and its people.  Because you consume such a disproportionate amount of food like the glutton you are, you drive up the costs of food for everybody.  There is a reason why gluttony is considered immoral cross-culturally: There are starving people and children all over the world, yet here you are stuffing your fat disgusting face.  Thanks to our globalized markets, the disgustingly massive amount of food you consume here in America hurts starving children in Africa by raising the cost of food there.  Your over consumption of food here is the direct cause of deaths by hunger in Africa.  I hope that milkshake was worth a human life fatty, because that’s what resulted from your consuming it.

You are causing the genocide of an entire continent, fat ass.  This is far worse than even the fucking holocaust; this is the malnutrition and suffering of a billion impoverished people over their entire short and miserable existences.  If you and all other fatties didn’t exist, this number would be considerably reduced, if not outright eliminated.  Simply put, you would be doing more for the world after being shot and buried in the ground than you do now.  Your death would mean a few people in the world will not live such miserable lives.

This is why being fat is immoral.  How can you say you care about humanity when you kill thousands of children each day?  You’re a fucking hypocrite if you’re fat and think you’re moral.  Just like how I would treat a serial killing rapist with derision, you better be damn sure I’d treat an obese piece of shit like yourself killing thousands of children each day with the utter most contempt, as everybody should.  And this doesn’t even bring into account the increased medical costs from your poor health, which hurt the poor in America.  Millions of people here can’t find affordable health insurance because of you and your disgusting overeating destroying your health and having to get everybody else to foot the bill through insurance.  Seriously, if you’re fat, how on earth could you feel good about yourself knowing this?  How can you look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m a beneficial member of this world”?  You’d have to be declared mentally insane or retarded to think that.

See that? These children would be healthy and happy if it weren't for you.

Of course, fatties don’t care.  You don’t care about yourself, hence why you’re so fat, so why should anybody care about you?  This especially pisses me off; fatties don’t have any self-worth, yet they expect everybody else to treat them with respect.  WTF is this?  I should treat your disgusting self with respect when you do not respect yourself?  Sorry dumbass, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too; although I know you fat disgusting pieces of shit like to pretend you can.  This alone is reason enough to hate fatties, but take into account everything I’ve said above and you can see why Fat Slayer and I declare fatties as the scourge of the world.

Go look at yourself in the mirror.  Step on a scale and measure your height so you can calculate your BMI.  Ask yourself “would the person I love be proud to be in public with me?”  You’re going to get a resounding no.  If anything, they’ll be embarrassed of being seen with you and dread having to show you to their friends and family, because they know they’ll laugh not just at you, but also your loved one and their judgment.  You should be ashamed of yourself, especially if you try denying it.  Go fuck off; the world is a far better place without you and there is no doubting that.

This is What Fatties Have Reduced American Cinema To

Hollywood these days is a shadow of its former self.  No longer can we go to a cinema and expect to enjoy a quality film such as Singin’ in the Rain, North by Northwest, or The Searchers.  Clearly, American film has degraded and just about everything that comes out of Hollywood Is complete garbage.  What happened?  Did the directors just run out of ideas?  Nope, that’s not it.  The fatties got to the movie industry.

I was rudely reminded of such last night.  I was out on a date with a girl I wanted to fuck.  I didn’t want to see a movie because I figured it was probably going to be shit like all these modern films are, but she really wanted to see one complete with the begging, pleading, and whining like a two year old, so being the gentleman that I am, I took her to the movie theater.  Since I didn’t give a shit, I let her choose the movie.  She chose Zookeeper, which just opened last night.  Big fucking mistake.  Men, take note of my experience here; never let the female you go out with decide what you two do or what movie you to see if you go to one.  Be in control.  I got lazy and apathetic, and thus I paid the price.

When she chose, I didn’t notice that it was the new Kevin James movie.  I watched his previous movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop that my friend pirated (no way we’d give money to such a disgusting film).  God what a stupid film that was.  I couldn’t watch it for longer than 15 minutes, it’s about some fatty who can’t make it as a regular cop because he can’t pass the fitness test, so he becomes a mall cop.  This Zookeeper movie was more or less the same.  Kevin James plays his usual fat and disgusting self and then he finds this attractive girl, so in order to win her over he tries to get a better job because his fat loser ass doesn’t make shit working at the zoo.  But the animals at the zoo don’t want that (they probably want to eat him for all that lard in his body and the ease of taking him down, I know I would if I were a lion), so they convince him to stay and try to help the fatty be “smooth” to win her over with his newly found style.  Yeah, at that point, some 15 to 20 minutes into the movie I got up and left.  I was disgusted.  I told the girl I was with I’m going to the bathroom and just ditched her there.  Fuck her.  A girl who wants to see a movie like that isn’t worthy of getting fucked by me.

I didn’t even need to watch the rest of the movie to know everything about it.  It’s the same shit.  Fart jokes, fatty glorification, and all that, complete with the fat ass miraculously getting the hot girl to fall in love with him.  Aww… isn’t that cute? *gag*

LMAO yeah right fatties, this will NEVER happen in real life, no hot girl wants flab on her man.

In all seriousness, it’s disgusting.  Fart jokes and fatty glorification is what Hollywood has become reduced to.  Most Americans these days, particularly the movie-going ones, are fat, so the movie industry has seen fit to pander to this demographic.  They fulfill their fantasies time and again in the most cliché format, with the fat guy overcoming his repulsiveness and somehow winning the hot girl he lusts over.  Of course, Hollywood doesn’t show their sexual encounter, where they’d have to face the grim reality of her learning that the fatty can’t keep it up for longer than 5 minutes without getting a heart attack.  But hey, that wouldn’t fit in with Hollywood’s fatty glorification message.  Hollywood these days is promoting fatties and fat tolerance.  It’s sick.  Go watch Ricky Gervais in The Invention of Lying, Jonah Hill in Superbad, or Zach Galifianakis in any movie, or their predecessors Chris Farley or John Candy in any of their movies (thank god those two are both dead from their obesity).  It’s all about fatty glorification and pandering to fatties.  It makes me want to vomit.

This is what American cinema has been reduced to.  If you want to see good looking people you can look up to in your films, you need to go back 40+ years ago to find those movies.  This is just yet another example of how fatties hurt us all.  Those fat pieces of shit have destroyed a respectable fine art and I hope they burn in hell for it.

Calories in, calories out

8 July 2011 4 comments

I’m going to simplify this because I have a party to go to tonight and need to conserve my time and energy for the piles of women that’s going to be on their knees for me. It’s tough being so damned sexy. Anyway, this post is about calories-in-calories-out, so you fat fucks can realize that buying 100s of those ‘low calorie’ shit-bars isn’t going to make you any less flabby looking.
First, this video:

Basically it’s saying that if you eat shitty foods and don’t move enough, you’ll get fat easier. WOOP DE FUCKING DO. It’s not calories, it’s when you pile shit down your throat.
Now don’t get me wrong, if you eat 8000 calories of something healthy you’ll put on quite a bit of weight, but it’s much more difficult and much better for your body to eat healthy food. Yeah, I know some fat fuck lost weight on a twinkie diet because he reduced calories, but is that truly sustainable? If he kept it, wouldn’t his nutrient stores eventually run out, making him lighter but weaker at the same time?

Here’s a quote from Gary Taube’s book Good Calories, Bad Calories:

In 1940, Hugo Rony, former chief of the endocrinology clinic at Northwestern University’s medical school, discussed this reverse-causation problem in a monograph entitled Obesity and Leanness, which is easily the most thoughtful analysis ever written in English on weight regulation in humans.
Rony’s goal, as he explained it, was to “separate recognized facts from suggestive evidence, and reasonable working hypothesis from mere speculations.” This set Rony apart from Louis Newburgh, Jean Mayer, and others who were more interested in convincing their colleagues in the field that their speculations were correct. When Rony discussed positive energy balance, he compared the situation with what happens in growing children. “The caloric balance is known to be positive in growing children,” he observed. But children do not grow because they eat voraciously; rather, they eat voraciously because they are growing.
They require the excess calories to satisfy the requirements of growth; the result is positive energy balance. The growth is induced by hormones and, in particular, by growth hormone. This is the same path of cause and effect that would be taken by anyone who is driven to put on fat by a metabolic or hormonal disorder. The disorder will cause the excess growth—horizontal, in effect, rather than vertical. For every calorie stored as fat or lean tissue, the body will require that an extra calorie either be consumed or conserved. As a result, anyone driven to put on fat by such a metabolic or hormonal defect would be driven to excessive eating, physical inactivity, or some combination. Hunger and indolence would be side effects of such a hormonal defect,merely facilitating the drive to fatten. They would not be the fundamental cause. “Positive caloric balance may be regarded as the cause of fatness,” Rony explained, “when fatness is artificially produced in a normal person or animal by forced excessive feeding or forced rest, or both. But obesity ordinarily develops spontaneously; some intrinsic abnormality seems to induce the body to establish positive caloric balance leading to fat accumulation. Positive caloric balance would be, then, a result rather than a cause of the condition.”

Learn something, fatties.
Well, time to go party and get laid, something you’ll never do because no hot girl will ever want to go near your odious, whale-like body. Would it kill you to eat healthy for a few months to see how it goes? Quite the opposite.

But since you’re lazy fuck and have no soul, you don’t care. Hell, go die of diabetes or heart attack, see if I care, we’re overpopulated on this planet anyway.

How to not eat like a retard

29 June 2011 3 comments

First I would like to thank BH for making an excellent, hilarious post for me due to my busy, sex-filled schedule. Although I love helping the world and making it a better, less blubbery place, I feel like sometimes doing a little cardio with my female friends if you know what I mean… Not that you fat virgin fucks can relate, but you’ve seen the movies. Anyway, I’m not going to miss two posts so here you go. This post is going to be how to not eat like a disgusting fat pig and how to easily stay healthy, slim, and feel good. You will not get ripped from just eating, it’s just not going to happen. You achieve that through working out (25%), eating right (65%), and the other 10% is sleeping/resting, genetics, all that stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll make a post later on how to get off your fat ass and exercise correctly, so just focus on one thing at a time. I might update this post a lot with more information and source citing. If you have something to add post in the comments. If you’re fat shut up because nobody gives a fuck.

Let me break down food into 10 groups and discuss them all. Nuts, seeds, legumes, meat (including poultry and fish), dairy, vegetables, fruit, grains, fats and oils, sweets. This will be done in multiple posts.

1. Nuts
Nuts are good in smaller quantities. They have many nutrients in them that are not as commonly found in meats. However, they often have antinutrients and a lot of omega-6’s. Nuts have fats, proteins, and carbs, as well as antioxidants and minerals. However, keep in mind these antioxidants aren’t meant for human consumption. Plants don’t make nuts so you can put your greasy sausage fingers on them. But we’ve adapted to eating them so we can deal with it somewhat well. You see, nuts have polyunsaturated fats that go rancid and create oxidation, leading to heart disease and cancer. However, the antioxidants such as vitamin E protect us against that. What makes them go rancid faster is heat. So roasting nuts is not a good idea if you want to eat healthy.
The best way to eat nuts is soaking (preferred) or eating them raw. Salted is OK, but try to make sure the salt is iodized so you can get something useful from it. Eat them as an occasional snack only, a handful of assorted nuts a day or so. Brazil nuts are the best in my opinion.

2. Seeds
Nuts are actually seeds too, but large, dense seeds that are easy to eat. One thing that isn’t good about seeds, besides the omega-6’s, is phytates and lectin. Phytates bind in our digestive tract to minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron and make it so we can’t absorb them. So even if a seed is high in some nutrient you may not get all of it. Click here for info on the amounts of phytates aka phytic acid in different nuts and seeds. Once again seeds also have a lot of omega-6’s, the only seed I know of higher in O-3’s is flax, and they are ALA type Omega-3’s which aren’t absorbed as well as DHAs and EPAs from fish for example. And yeah you want to get your omega-3’s in a 1:3 to 1:1 ratio with omega-6’s, but you can’t just take a bunch of fish oil pills because you ate 100s of nuts today. That’s retarded, they still cause oxidation, and thus cancer and heart disease. Try to keep polyunsaturated fats from 5-8%, with the ratios I suggested. That’s easiest by just limiting polyunsaturated fats and taking a fish oil pill if they’re mostly from nuts and seeds.

3. Legumes
Do not eat these shits. Peanuts are legumes by the way, not nuts.
The worst legume of all is soy, and I’ll get to specifics on soy in another post, but legumes are just shit. Legumes have significant protein and stuff like potassium and magnesium, sure. The protein amounts are kind of poor though. Also these proteins come with a bunch of carbs, which you don’t need if you’re a fatty fat.
All of the nutrients you can get from legumes you can get in better quantities or from better sources than legumes. Just eat vegetables and meat.
By the way, our body isn’t too good at digesting legumes, hence the farts. Many nutrients aren’t too bio-available and it makes you fart, and you fat fucks already smell bad enough. So how do you digest them better? Soaking, but you’re lazy fuck, so just don’t eat them. And no that shit you buy at walmart isn’t pre-soaked, they don’t give a fuck about you.

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